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The best services for WordPress updates, maintenance and support

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Are you looking for a helping hand for your WordPress site so you can focus on growing your business instead of maintaining your website?

You want to concentrate on your real business instead of taking care of the maintenance of your website? I felt the same way two years ago. And: The decision to put hosting and maintenance in professional hands was one of the best decisions of my self-employment! So let’s take a look at the best WordPress maintenance and support services to help you find the right service provider for your needs.

Investing in a WordPress maintenance service could be just the thing for you. These services can relieve you of tedious tasks like backups, updates, patching security holes, and even improving your site load time so you can focus on your business. The topic of web security alone is so complex that you should really leave it to a specialist. I had to experience a whole series of attacks on my website before I took this step and since then I have my peace of mind and can concentrate on my core business. Likewise, from my point of view you should not use a WordPress backup plugin for data backup, but rely on a real backup on another server. Once the WordPress instance has been compromised, the attacker can finally destroy all backups by accessing the backup plugin.

If you create websites for other companies yourself as a service provider, many services even offer white label features, which means that you can offer your customers a maintenance service with your own branding. This can be a great way for small freelancers or agencies to generate regular income and retain customers over the long term.

WP Buffs – Your International WordPress Team

wp buffs - The best services for WordPress updates, maintenance and support

WP Buffs is built 100% on remote work, providing 24/7 support around the clock. Their employees come from all over the world, thus ensuring that someone can be reached at any time and take care of any problems that may arise.

There are different maintenance packages available, depending on the features you need. Get started with the Maintain Plan for $67 a month. This includes basic maintenance tasks like weekly updates, monitoring and daily backups. For $147 a month you also get unlimited 24/7 editing of your website as well as security enhancements, twice daily backups and the iThemes Security Pro plugin. For $197 per month you get PageSpeed and mobile optimization included. You also get priority support and 4 daily backups and the two plugins WP Rocket and WP Smush Pro for better loading times. If you decide to pay annually, you also get two months for free.

Since there is also the possibility to create an individual maintenance package according to your needs, you should definitely have a look at the rates page at WP Buffs.

WP Buffs also offers white label partnership program for agencies, freelancers and WordPress professionals who want to offer a simple and effective 24/7 white label support solution for their customers. So if you have clients that need ongoing website changes, speed tuning, security updates or any other type of regular maintenance, WP Buffs is your technical partner in the background and performs all work under fixed monthly plans with no hidden costs. There is no upper limit for the processing of websites or similar!

FixRunner – Flexible WordPress Support

fixrunner - The best services for WordPress updates, maintenance and support

FixRunner is a service that provides manual website maintenance with a fixed amount of support time per month. For example, you can use the dedicated technical support to make any changes to a website as long as it fits into your monthly time limit. If a month is not enough, you can buy additional support time if you need it.

The monthly support time is 1.5 to 4 hours per month, depending on the tariff, with the option to buy additional time if needed. Automatic daily offsite backups, WordPress core, theme and plugin updates are included in all tariffs, as well as uptime monitoring with instant failure alerts and 24/7 security scans. The speed of your website is also monitored and optimized. In the maximum package you even get your own account manager and phone support!

FixRunner offers three different tariffs: Premium for $59 per month includes 90 minutes support time, automatic backups, updates, monitoring, performance optimization and security scans.
Rocket for $89 per month includes two hours of support, eCommerce support and SEO optimization on the site. Advance for $149 per month includes four hours of support, a dedicated account manager and phone support and of course the features of the smaller packages. FixRunner also offers discounts if you pay quarterly or annually.

What I personally find really great: If you have a concrete problem with a WordPress website, you can also pay $49 each for one-time support requests!

GoWP – The ideal agency partner

gowp - The best services for WordPress updates, maintenance and support

GoWP will take care of all site maintenance if you choose the $29 per month Maintenance Plan. This allows you to use the time normally spent maintaining WordPress websites to grow your agency or your projects. GoWP takes care of updates, security and backups for you. Their WordPress experts make sure that your pages and your clients’ pages don’t get out of sync.

What I find really cool are the plugin updates with Visual Validator. This means that GoWP will perform WordPress core and plugin updates as soon as they are available, but by automatically comparing the page before and after the update, it ensures that updates don’t have a negative impact on your site!

maintenance validator 2 - The best services for WordPress updates, maintenance and support

Of course you can choose which plugins or themes should be updated and which not. If you manage a particularly complex website or a site with exceptionally high traffic, GoWP even offers manual updates. The plugins and the WordPress core are updated weekly by experts to reduce the possibility that something interferes with the operation of your site.

In addition, security monitoring and malware cleaning is permanently running. This means that through daily scans your websites are always safe and secure. Deep automatic scans detect malware, viruses and malicious code that has crept into your website or your customers’ pages. A firewall prevents suspicious IPs and malware bots from entering your WordPress pages. An automatic and powerful captcha login protection system keeps would-be hackers and bots away.

Best of all, if malware is detected on a site, GoWP staff will take care of cleaning it up immediately at no extra cost!

If the unthinkable happens, daily off-site backups ensure that your site is up and running again before anyone even notices it’s down.

Use GoWP as a white label solution!

The whole thing is even available as a white label solution, i.e. GoWP communicates with your customers via its own mailbox, for example [email protected]. This way, their support can use your branding and your customers won’t even notice that they are not your employees. In addition, you can share a maintenance dashboard with your customers, which you can also customize to fit your corporate communications.

GoWP has meanwhile specialized exterm geil in the cooperation with partner agencies and offers two more very interesting services for agencies and service providers besides the maintenance contract:

Outsource content changes

If you can’t get new business because of your customers’ requests for changes, you can even outsource these tedious tasks to GoWP for $79 a month! With GoWP Content Edits, you have a team of experts ready to do what you or your customer wants, when you want. They take care of the content editing and you can concentrate on more lucrative jobs!

Have your websites built for you

With the Page Builds Plan, even as a designer, you can have your designs implemented by developers in WordPress sites using Beaver Builder or Elementor. The regular price here is $2,499 per month, but is currently reduced to $1,299 per month and includes the creation of as many websites as you like!

For this fixum you get a developer who works at least 2 hours per day from Monday to Friday on your projects and works with your project management tools, i.e. permanently provides updates about the progress of your projects. In addition, you will be assigned an account manager to help you with project and personnel management and you will have the possibility to add additional developers at any time if needed.

Do you need a WordPress maintenance service with Managed WordPress Hosting?

If you are not familiar with the concept of “Managed WordPress Hosting“: This is a hosting service that is 100% WordPress oriented and includes some comfort features to make your life easier. There are of course some overlaps between features you get with a maintenance service and what most Managed WordPress hosters offer.

Most Managed Hosters offer updates, daily backups, security features or uptime monitoring. This means that you better not pay for an additional maintenance service that does even these things. However, it can be beneficial for you to take advantage of a maintenance service that can help you with website editing or custom development work.

Also, the really good maintenance services more than what you would get from your hoster, even if you use a Managed WordPress. For example, most hosters back up your site once a day, while some maintenance services may back up your site more often. Some Managed WordPress hosters also only offer automatic core updates and cannot update the theme and plugins, let alone test if something went wrong.

Although there is the possibility to perform a Smart Update in Plesk via a paid module of the WordPress Toolkit, which is similar to a controlled update, in case of doubt, i.e. if the update fails, you are still dependent on an experienced developer, who not only undoes the update, but can also find and fix the cause of the error!

Kristin Eitel

Kristin Eitel