100% accurate local keyword rank tracking for any location at the zip code level

ZIP Code Rank Tracking Tool: Monitoring for Local Search Rankings

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Again and again I find in my seminars that not everyone knows, let alone uses, the best tools that I really enjoy working with on an almost daily basis. If you already know and use my tip this month, SE Ranking – wonderful! For everyone else: Here comes my SEO-Tool insider tip of the month! Ranking monitoring of keywords in the local search In my opinion, SE Ranking is the… 

Tutorial: CTR Boosting with FAQPage Snippets!

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You have probably already noticed that the search engine Google has introduced a new type of content. These are so-called FAQ pages, i.e. a list of questions and answers that you can mark up for Google using structured data within your website. The data type was presented at a Google event in Singapore in mid-2018 and was officially introduced in May 2019. My colleague Finn has solved this really cleverly… 

Find wh-questions in HyperSuggest Pro

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You have probably heard of the wh-question tool before. Probably in connection with the creation of high-quality SEO texts, holistic landing pages or just good blog posts, online articles and guide texts for content marketing. AND RIGHTLY SO! BECAUSE: wh-question tools find interesting questions and aspects that real users actually search on Google for your keyword/term! The exciting thing about it is that by answering the most relevant questions you… 

Case: 1st place in two days for ‘New York SEO’

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Through a few buddies I was made aware of a very, very cool action from the United States, which I would not like to withhold from you: Ruan M. Marinho, a US SEO has managed to get to the first page for the extremely competitive keyword ‘New York SEO’ within only two days and even managed to get on the top position and stay there! I just submitted a search… 

SEO-Tutorial: Know How for beginners

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A long-term ranking in the top 10 Google search results requires that a site must actually be among the top 10 results and that the search engine shows and proves this. This tutorial should give you a first insight into search engine optimization and help you to better assess your needs. What is search engine optimization (SEO) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a subfield of search engine marketing refers to… 

The 5 most important rules and 18 ideas for successful linkbaits

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Successful linkbaits are not easy. Especially for larger companies, whose websites resemble more an advertising brochure than interaction and do not yet understand SEO as an integral part of all marketing and business activities, it can be a big challenge to firstly reach and activate enough people and secondly to get enough budget and time as a service provider to execute a really successful linkbait. But let’s take it nice… 

Checklist for SEO-compliant CMS templates

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Unfortunately it happens often that a search engine optimizer is only switched on when it is already too late – that is, when the website is finished and online. But to call a SEO only after the go-live is much too late! Because afterwards the smallest changes often mean a lot of work, all too often you hear “that’s not possible” or “that doesn’t pay off” and neither the SEO…