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The Best AI Copywriting & Content Generation Tools + Automated Article Generation

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If you are intensively involved in SEO and content marketing and are thinking about using artificial intelligence to support or even automate certain tasks, you are in for a treat! I have tried out several AI copywriting tools in the last few weeks and present the best tools in this article.

As a starting point, I’ve tried to simplify my own writing needs with a tool to speed up or even completely automate certain tasks, such as creating ad copy, page titles, and meta descriptions.

I think it’s important to emphasize that no AI text tool can replace a copywriter.

It is just a tool and not a fully automated robo-texter!

This means in particular:

As with any tool, the result depends on your own ability and how you use it.

In this article, I’ve summarized what I consider to be the best AI copywriting tools currently available for generating snippets, titles, or even entire articles.

Result of my tests

Jasper has overtaken Frase to first place in my test after the latest update. With both tools it is possible to create convincing texts that are almost indistinguishable from human-written ones!

Frase was my favorite because of the integrated SEO workflow feature, but jasper now simply delivers the better texts. Thanks to the integration with Surfer SEO, SEO texts are no problem either. But Jasper in combination with SurferSEO is the test winner in the comparison!

1. Jasper: The best AI Copywriting Tool!

The text AI Jasper is the clear number 1 when it comes to generating texts! Jasper is the best GPT-3 tool for me and has made it into my toolbox for regular use.

jasper - The Best AI Copywriting & Content Generation Tools + Automated Article Generation

The Long Form Assistant is the heart of Jasper/Jarvis. It lets Jasper help you write blog articles, emails, stories, screenplays, and even books.

In the new BOSS MODE, you can now actually talk to jasper and give it commands about what to write. That means you don’t necessarily have to use one of the templates or tools anymore.

Instead, you can virtually talk to jasper and give him commands on what to write:

Just try commands like:

  • Write an outline for a blog post about….
  • Write an outline about resume skills for….
  • Write an introductory paragraph about….
  • Write a company tagline for….
  • Write a note for a birthday card for….
  • Write a closing paragraph about….
  • Write an email hook about….
  • Write the next sentence….

And watch Jasper magically write it out before your eyes! The result is that you can easily create your blog posts, social media content, sales pages, marketing emails, etc. at six to 10 times the speed of a human writer.

When it comes to writing blog posts, Jasper has a dedicated workflow that helps you write really good blog articles from start to finish that also use click-worthy headlines and titles, so they get read more often.

In the first step, you describe the content you want to create. This is the most important step so that Jasper understands what you want to write about. The better you can describe what you want to write, the better content Jasper will produce!

Next, Jasper generates several titles for your blog article and, after you select one, Jasper generates three different introductory sentences or openings for your article. Once this is done, you’ll be taken to the longform editor where you can continue writing your blog article.

Sure, you might need a little editing here and there. But Jasper gets you 80% of the way there, and when a human does the rest, the result is really good. That’s productivity. 👌

Combining Jasper with Surfer SEO

Jasper becomes really powerful for SEOs when you combine it with the Surfer SEO tool. We have already written a comprehensive review about Surfer SEO including a tutorial video. For this you need the Pro Plan or the Boss Mode Plan of Jasper to use the integration with Surfer SEO, as well as a Surfer SEO account. If you don’t have a Surfer SEO account yet, you can create one here. Then you can activate the Surfer SEO integration in your settings.

surferseo in jarvis - The Best AI Copywriting & Content Generation Tools + Automated Article Generation

Then you can access Surfer SEO directly in the longform editor and find out the most relevant keywords for different search queries, which jasper then integrates into the text:

file ZkoNCCnlaZ - The Best AI Copywriting & Content Generation Tools + Automated Article Generation

Plagiarism Check

The plagiarism check integrated in jasper is really practical. This ensures that the generated texts are not accidentally duplicate content.

Due to the technology used, it is highly unlikely that Jasper will write a text that has already been published elsewhere. However, it does happen occasionally and many users simply find it reassuring to run the text through a plagiarism checker after a document has been completed. Also, many users insert content from other sites from their research and want to be sure that nothing of the original content remains in the end.

The Content Templates

I find the division or specialization into different tools for different purposes particularly effective. Those who are more intensively involved with GPT-3 already know that the results improve the more specific the input is, and jasper/ solves this problem with different frontends optimized for exactly one use case. Currently there are already 49 52 of these so-called “templates”:

Alle 52 Templates von im Überblick

The content enhancer rewrites a content to make it more interesting, creative and appealing. Of course, not every generated text is equally good and sometimes really nonsense comes out, but most templates directly generate several variants or can be restarted with one click.

There are a few super exciting tools especially for marketers: For example, the AIDA framework and the PAS framework. With these marketing frameworks (attention, interest, desire, action and problem-argument-solution, respectively), new ideas for marketing texts can be generated very effectively.

For effective advertising texts the “Before-After-Bridge Framework” can be used, advantages can be generated from product features or unique value propositions can be created from an offer!

For e-commerce applications and online stores, product descriptions are very interesting. It allows you to generate really compelling product descriptions that can be used on websites, in emails and social media. Those active on Amazon can generate product features (bullet points) with the most important features and benefits for Amazon listings or create compelling product descriptions for Amazon listings.

The most important SEO basics are of course also at the start. For example, page titles and meta descriptions can be automatically optimized for blog posts, homepages, product pages or service pages.

For authors and creative or content marketers, there are generators for blog post topic ideas, article outlines (works best for “listicles” and “how to” blog posts). If you don’t know how to start, or want to overcome writer’s block, you can simply have an opening paragraph written. Likewise, an article can be automatically rounded off with an engaging closing paragraph. Even creative stories can supposedly be generated with jasper, admittedly an area I have not yet dealt with in detail.

For an existing article, jasper finds the perfect headline. This template has been trained with formulas from the world’s best copywriters to create high-converting headlines! Likewise, sub-headlines (H2) can be created for websites and landing pages.

In Ads and Marketing, click-worthy headlines and compelling ad copy can be created for Facebook, Google Ads, and even posts for Google My Business, or memorable captions can be generated for Instagram posts. Of course, compelling email subject lines can also be created to get readers to open.

Those on YouTube can have ideas generated for new topics that appeal to viewers and rank well on YouTube. From these, script outlines can be generated and, of course, jasper can write titles and descriptions for YouTube that are attention-grabbing and click-worthy.

jasper also helps in corporate communications. For example, he writes friendly responses to public customer reviews, or create titles and intros for press releases that people actually want to read. What I’d like to experiment with more is jasper’s latest ability to generate questions about existing topics or content, and then intelligently answer them Quora-style!

Particularly cool for creating aggregators or news teasers is the new text summarizer, which finds the key messages in a text and extracts them.

Newly added and currently still in beta status, are the generation of business or product names, as well as a function that allows you to generate survey questions along with matching multiple choice answers. It works surprisingly well to have automated answers written to reviews.

Summaries of long texts

The latest feature of Jasper is the new Content Summarizer, which summarizes content with a maximum length of 7,000 characters into viewpoints. Unfortunately, the output currently only works in English, even if you use German texts as input. But it won’t be long until the language options will be available here as well.

Jaspers Content Summarizer, der Inhalte mit einer maximalen Länge von 7.000 Zeichen in Sichtpunkten zusammenfassen kann!

The previous text summarizer, which is still available in the templates, can already be used in German, but it is currently able to process a maximum of 700 characters. For short statements, the extraction of the core statement works all the better.

Prices and conclusion

Price-wise, it starts at $29 per month for 20,000 words, though I would definitely book the BOSS MODE, which is priced at $59 per month for 20,000 words. If you book an annual license directly, you get two free months a year.

I got an annual license from jasper including BOSS mode for the long form assistant and I am very happy with it!

Because of the 7-day money-back-guarantee you can test Jasper for free. With the following link you get 10.000 tokens additionally:

2. Frase: The best AI SEO Content Generation Tool

The AI text tool Frase is not without reason, the best rated AI software on Capterra. Frase has been specifically optimized for an SEO workflow and has already convinced more than 50,000 SEOs worldwide.

1. Platz ist damit unser TESTSIEGER! Endlich auch für Deutsche Texte!

Where in jasper it needs the integration of Surfer SEO, in you can analyze the top Google results for a search query directly in the SERP module. This gives you the average word count, a list of all headings, links used, terms, etc. Frase also automatically extracts questions from the search results. One can see these at a glance including the answers of competitors from the SERP, the “People Also Ask Box” or Q&A platforms like Quora and Reddit.

Frase can then either quote the question including the answer from the source, including correct linking to the original source, or compose its own answer from it using AI. In doing so, the answer from the SERPs can be used as input, so the results of the content generated in this way are very convincing.

From this, a briefing for content can be created automatically, or you can create your own briefing. But that’s not all! Frase also helps you fill content gaps in texts and thus rank better by comparing the topics in your own content with those of your competitors.

Of course, Frase can also write using AI. This allows it to automatically generate headings and expand existing paragraphs. With the integrated templates, the output of the AI can be customized for specific use cases. These are even more extensive and powerful than with jasper!

Currently the following templates are included:

  • Attention Interest Desire Action (AIDA): create marketing copy using the AIDA formula – a method proven to entice readers to click on a call-to-action.
  • Before After Bridge (BAB): What the world was like before and after your product or solution.
  • Blog Introduction: introduction for your blog post.
  • Bullet Point to Answers: turn a question into a bullet list of answers.
  • Definition: Give a dictionary-like definition for a topic.
  • Explain Why: Give an answer to a question with a focus on the “why”.
  • Feature – Benefit: Turn the product/service features into a list of benefits.
  • Featured Snippet (Numbered List): Create a list of steps that explain how to do something.
  • List of Questions: Questions about a topic
  • Listicle Ideas: Generate ideas for articles in list form.
  • Meta Description: Meta description for a specific topic.
  • Metaphor / Analogy: Write an analogy about a topic.
  • Next Paragraph: Write a follow-up paragraph for your paragraph.
  • Outline: Create an outline based on a title.
  • Paragraph Answer: Get a paragraph-length answer to a question.
  • Paragraph Compression: Compress a long paragraph into a shorter summary.
  • Paragraph Finisher: Write a sentence and then finish the paragraph.
  • Paragraph Rewriter: Rewrite a paragraph.
  • Paragraph for Heading: An introductory paragraph for your heading.
  • Problem, Agitate, Solution (PAS): PAS text creation formula.
  • Pros and Cons: Create a list of pros and cons about a topic.
  • Related Topics: Get a list of related topics for a paragraph.
  • Sentence Rewriter: Rewrite a sentence.
  • Short Answer: Get a quick 1-sentence answer to a question.
  • Summary Bullets: Bullet points that summarize the main points of a text.
  • Taglines: Create a tagline on a specific topic.
  • Talk Tracks: Get different perspectives on a specific topic.
  • Title Ideas: Get a list of title variations based on an initial title.

In addition, Frase already comes with four exciting integrations via addons for free:

  • An integrated Google Search Console connection allows you to monitor organic traffic growth directly in Frase and identify opportunities.
  • The Google Docs add-on allows to use Frase Content Optimization directly within Google Docs.
  • The WordPress add-on lets you publish content directly to your WordPress website.
  • The HubSpot CRM add-on lets you answer questions from customers and prospects directly via Frase.

Update: Completely automated blog posts (BETA)

Recently, after creating a so-called “outline”, i.e. a rough structure of your article using subheadings, you can even have Frase generate a complete text draft!

Frase uses the selected outline and search result data to automatically create unique content. This feature is still in beta, so it’s experimental. It will be further developed and improved in the coming weeks and months.

For this, one can select whether Frase:

  • Rewrite competitor content
  • Summarize content from competitors
  • Or write new AI content

Pricing and Conclusion

Frase is the latest AI tool that has really surprised me since I first tried jasper back in the day. The results are excellent and with the available templates you can (have) create very fast, comprehensive articles!

With the separately bookable SEO add-on, the Frase editor can be enriched with additional data, such as search volume and backlink and domain authority data for search results. In addition, you get your own outline builder with extended auto-completion of keywords and monthly search volume.

Frase is priced at $39.99 for a single account with 30 documents (paid annually). For unlimited access to the Frase AI Writer and other premium features in the SEO addon, an additional 35 USD is due. Team accounts start at 3 users and 99.99 USD per month.

The best is to team up and share a team account with SEO AddOn, then it is only 50$ per month for each with unlimited use and unlimited documents.

However, the tool is really worth every penny. But best convince yourself of it. You can even do it without any risk, because Frase offers a 7-day trial for only 1 USD!

Kai Spriestersbach

Kai Spriestersbach

Kai Spriestersbach is an entrepreneur with a master's degree in web science, as well as the owner and editor-in-chief of two online magazines, podcaster and lecturer on online, AI and SEO topics. As one of the most experienced search marketing experts, he can already draw on two decades of experience in building and optimising web-based sales and business models. In recent years, he has been intensively involved with search engines and AI and is considered one of the leading experts for text creation using artificial intelligence.