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How to Use Elementor Templates

  • 6 min read
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Introduction If you’ve been using Elementor Pro for a while, you would already be aware of the template library and its selection of pre-made blocks. However, users aren’t limited to the templates provided by Elementor, and in fact, user can create their own as well.… Read More »How to Use Elementor Templates

click activate your license - How to Install Elementor Pro

How to Install Elementor Pro

  • 3 min read
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Introduction In this tutorial, we will be learning how to install Elementor Pro. Like the installation of any other WordPress plugin, it follows these steps. Steps Download and Install the Basic Version of Elementor We first look for the Elementor plugin in the plugin repository.… Read More »How to Install Elementor Pro

social media 1177293 1280 - How To Add Favicons

How To Add Favicons

  • 1 min read
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Favicons are the icons you see on a browser tab when a website is open. Ordinarily this is just the site logo. By default, your WordPress site’s icon is also the WordPress icon. But this can be changed. All you have to do is go… Read More »How To Add Favicons

Bildschirmfoto 2021 02 15 um 17.29.16 - Elementor: Getting Started

Elementor: Getting Started

  • 8 min read
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Introduction Elementor is one of the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress. Instead of a pre-fixed layout provided by a WordPress theme, Elementor allows you to create posts and pages with customized layouts and designs. We’ve written about Elementor and Elementor Pro’s features in… Read More »Elementor: Getting Started

tutorial htaccess - How To Edit the .htaccess File

How To Edit the .htaccess File

  • 4 min read
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Introduction Seeing the title of this article, you may be asking yourself, “Just what is the .htaccess file?” and also “Why should we edit the .htaccess file?” The answer to the first question is that the .htaccess file is a configuration file found (or created)… Read More »How To Edit the .htaccess File