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Title Experiments: Create irresistible headlines that are clicked with Thrive Headline Optimizer!

thrive headline optimizer2 - Title Experiments: Create irresistible headlines that are clicked with Thrive Headline Optimizer!

Did you know that you only have 2.6 seconds to get the attention of your visitors when they come to your website?

If you don’t succeed in doing this, they will most likely never come back!

The headline decides on success or failure

Only 2.6 seconds? At least that’s what the makers of Thrive Themes, a company specialized in creating conversion optimized WordPress themes and plugins, claim.

They recently released the plugin “Thrive Headline Optimizer“.

Because the headline is the decisive element whether your elaborate content gets attention or not. If the headline doesn’t work, you won’t get any clicks and therefore no engagement. The whole effort was in vain.

A good headline can make the difference between a post no one cares about and a post getting thousands of clicks, social shares and massive visitor engagement.

I also want optimized headlines!

How Thrive Headline Optimizer works

When you create a blog post or page, you capture multiple headlines at once. The Headline Optimizer tests them against each other to find the most effective one.

The plugin will automatically choose the winner for you. So you don’t need to worry about the individual contents anymore. The eternal analyzing of statistics to guess laboriously what works best is also no longer necessary.

You can also optimize existing contributions very quickly and all at once. The algorithm does the work for you, optimizing the headlines of your favorite blog posts or all of them to get even more out of them.

According to Thrive Themes, this is also the secret of success of the big websites like Forbes, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed or CNN. They know all about the advantages of testing their headlines.

Every time I plan a blog article, I find it hard to find cool headlines. Sometimes I haven’t written an article because I couldn’t think of a good title. This approach has taken a heavy load off my shoulders:

After the installation of the Thrive Headline Optimizer a small button appears quite unspectacularly in your blog posts in the WordPress backend: “Add new headline”.

You simply add a few alternative headings and have them tested against each other.

How is success measured?

The plugin measures 3 different factors:

  • How long do the readers stay?
  • How many click on the article?
  • How far is the text scrolled?

You can adjust the individual settings, but it works great with the default settings. And the plugin gives you really clear numbers that help you to judge the better option.

The first line is the existing variant, also called Control.

Every further variant is compared with Control. Here the tool has determined a 20% better heading. Even the second variant gave better results. So you can test in small steps again and again what is better received by your readers.

What You Get With Your Purchase of Thrive Headline Optimizer

headline optimizer - Title Experiments: Create irresistible headlines that are clicked with Thrive Headline Optimizer!

After purchasing Thrive Suite you’ll get an email with a link to connect to your membership area. You can download the Thrive Product Manager from the membership area. Then, simply upload it to your WordPress website, log into your Thrive Suite account, and activate Thrive Headline Optimizer.

If this already sounds too complicated, don’t worry. We have created step-by-step video tutorials to show you exactly how to get everything up and running. The tutorials and support doesn’t stop there.

You’ll also have access to:

Quick-Start Video Tutorials

After getting your plugin installed, these tutorials will show you the strategies to get the most out of it right away!​

Advanced Tips, Tricks & Training

Get the inside scoop on how to use the more advanced features in Thrive Headline Optimizer and learn from the top experts when it comes to writing great headlines efficiently.

New Features & Guides

Whenever we release a new feature or update the plugin, we’ll let you know about it and also send you a new tutorial to show you exactly how to get the most out of it.

Exclusive Bonus Content

After your purchase, we’ll send you a series of emails with bonus content, including our “headline swipe file” report.

Fast, Friendly Support

As a customer, you have access to our support forum, where 10’000+ Thrive customers help each other out and our team of super-helpful support staff answer any question and fix any issue you encounter.

It’s Time to Take Your Website to the Next Level, Using Thrive Headline Optimizer! Get More Attention, More Clicks, & More Comments!

How to write good headlines?

There are some good resources for this, which you can find for free on the internet. The ultimate headline manual by Kevan Lee has served me very well for years. I always find a lot of inspiration there.

A few questions to check out your headlines:

  • Is it striking?
  • Does it have a number?
  • Does it have power words?
  • Does she show a benefit?
  • Does she arouse emotions?
  • Does it create images in the mind?

Certainly there are many more tips. I would be happy to receive your tips as comments.

You’ll get access to all Thrive plugins including the awesome headline optimizer by purchasing Thrive Suite. Get everything for up to 25 websites for just 19 USD per month!