11 Ways Of Hosting WordPress Compared

To put a WordPress website online, you need hosting, sure. However, there are many different ways to host a WordPress website, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, pitfalls and target audiences. So in this article I will give you an overview of all possibilities to host a WordPress site so that you can choose the one that suits you best: 1. Free Hosting on wordpress.com Unlike WordPress.org, wordpress.com is… Read More »11 Ways Of Hosting WordPress Compared

How To Edit the .htaccess File

Introduction Seeing the title of this article, you may be asking yourself, “Just what is the .htaccess file?” and also “Why should we edit the .htaccess file?” The answer to the first question is that the .htaccess file is a configuration file found (or created) in the root directory of your WordPress site. What it does, to answer the second question, is that it directs and changes the behavior of… Read More »How To Edit the .htaccess File

How To Add JavaScript to WordPress

Introduction Sometimes the ordinary functionality of our WordPress site needs to be enhanced. We can ordinarily do this with PHP snippets. But did you know, you can do this with JavaScript as well? That’s correct. We can leverage JavaScript and use it on your WordPress site. The process is really similar to the process of enhancing the current theme, but if you don’t know how to do that, there’s no… Read More »How To Add JavaScript to WordPress

How To Increase the WordPress Maximum File Size Upload

Introduction Sometimes the media files we try to upload on WordPress can’t be uploaded because it is greater than the default file size upload restrictions which WordPress has. As a result, we may have to decrease the quality (if it’s an image) or we have to divide it into chunks (if it’s a video). These workarounds aren’t good since they force you to compromise the quality of your media files.… Read More »How To Increase the WordPress Maximum File Size Upload

How To Remove “Powered By WordPress” on your Site

Introduction Have you wanted to remove the “Powered by WordPress” from your theme’s footer? Some WordPress themes (usually premium) allow you to do that from the Live Editor and others require that you install an extension plugin. Most themes however, don’t allow you to do this without modifying the code. Thankfully, this can be done easily and quickly. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how. Let’s begin! Adding additional CSS on… Read More »How To Remove “Powered By WordPress” on your Site

How To Edit The WordPress Footer

Introduction The WordPress footer is one of the main features of any WordPress paste or post. However, it isn’t always utilized, especially by those new to WordPress. But more than a visual feature, did you know that the footer can be used for different functions as well? It can be used to store widgets, it can even contain scripts, and even a mixture of both. Knowing this is essential, since… Read More »How To Edit The WordPress Footer

How To Remove The WordPress Sidebar

Introduction The WordPress sidebar is one of the most integral parts of your WordPress site. It contains widgets that point to different parts of your website. However, you may find the need to hide it for design or user experience purposes. Deleting the sidebar is usually done by modifying code on your current theme’s PHP files. However, we don’t recommend this, since it can break your site. Instead, we recommend… Read More »How To Remove The WordPress Sidebar

How To Embed YouTube Videos to WordPress

Introduction Most WordPress Posts are text and image heavy. And for a lot of purposes -like blogging, this is fine, But did you know that you can also embed YouTube videos on your Posts/Pages too? Embedding YouTube videos can enhance your site. For instance, if you’re using WordPress as a blogging platform, you may decide to post videos related to the content of your blog post. In another instance, if… Read More »How To Embed YouTube Videos to WordPress

How To Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Introduction If you’re trying to increase the traffic on your WordPress site, you can’t ignore analytics. Among other things, you will need this data to know more about your site’s visitors, which pages they frequently visit and when they visit. Thankfully, there is a free and easy to use service available that can help you out with this – Google Analytics. The service collects data from Life Cycle, Users and… Read More »How To Add Google Analytics to WordPress

How to Edit the WordPress Header

Introduction Your site’s WordPress header is really important. It is the first thing your visitors will see and more importantly. It is also where we can insert scripts and code to enhance and extend the site’s capabilities and features. Given this, we might find that we need to edit the header of the WordPress site. As we will learn this easy to do. In this tutorial, we will learn how… Read More »How to Edit the WordPress Header

How to Backup a WordPress Site

Introduction If you’ve been using WordPress for some time, you would have probably experienced your site crashing and then malfunctioning upon trying to access its contents. As a result, you may have found yourself having to re-install your site and start from scratch because all your data has been corrupted, or worse, lost. To prevent this from happening, or to make recovery easier, it’s best to create a backup of… Read More »How to Backup a WordPress Site

How To Disable WordPress Comments

Introduction Comments are very important for a WordPress site. They provide a way to visitors to interact with the owners or moderators of a site. They allow visitors to give their opinions, feedback, and maybe even friendly remarks. However, there may be instances in which we would like to disable comments on parts or maybe even the whole site. These may be because the comments are self-promotional, spam, or even… Read More »How To Disable WordPress Comments

How To Change And Add WordPress Fonts

Introduction When it comes to websites, design is very important. Good design, aside from looking nice, also enhances user experience. One very important factor when it comes to web design is font. Fonts serve as a visual cue as to what a content is about and they also affect how the content is evaluated. This is very important, if your WordPress site, for instance, will be used for fund-raising campaigns.… Read More »How To Change And Add WordPress Fonts

How To Clear The WordPress Cache

Introduction When you run a website, you want it to run fast. Sluggish websites are always a no-go. One way this can be done is through caching. Caching works by storing the contents of a website and storing them some place so that they can be retrieved and used. This serves as an alternative to requesting the contents of a website whenever it is accessed through a web browser. As… Read More »How To Clear The WordPress Cache

How To Duplicate WordPress Pages

Introduction Throughout the time that a user a work with WordPress, they may find that that might need to clone a post or a page. They may, for instance, want to reuse the existing content as a template for future articles. In other situations users may find that they might need to build on top of existing content so that they do nor have to start from scratch. In scenarios… Read More »How To Duplicate WordPress Pages

The best services for WordPress updates, maintenance and support

Are you looking for a helping hand for your WordPress site so you can focus on growing your business instead of maintaining your website? You want to concentrate on your real business instead of taking care of the maintenance of your website? I felt the same way two years ago. And: The decision to put hosting and maintenance in professional hands was one of the best decisions of my self-employment!… Read More »The best services for WordPress updates, maintenance and support