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Sequential Depth Exploration - Unveiling 'Sequential Depth Exploration': A Prompting Technique for In-Depth AI Document Analysis

Unveiling ‘Sequential Depth Exploration’: A Prompting Technique for In-Depth AI Document Analysis

  • 3 min read
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In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), the ability to analyze extensive documents efficiently is crucial. Traditional methods often hit a wall when faced with the limited context window of AI models. Today, we introduce a groundbreaking technique that overcomes this hurdle: Sequential Depth… Read More »Unveiling ‘Sequential Depth Exploration’: A Prompting Technique for In-Depth AI Document Analysis

boundles - The 25 best Shopify Themes

The 25 best Shopify Themes

  • 13 min read
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How an online store looks like and how user-friendly it is is one of the factors that determine its success. Therefore, choosing the right ecommerce theme in Shopify is immensely important for the conversion rate and the usability of the store. Therefore we present here… Read More »The 25 best Shopify Themes

wordpress 552922 1920 - The best WordPress plugins

The best WordPress plugins

  • 23 min read
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How ingenious open source projects are, I realize again and again, when I set up a new page with my favorite CMS WordPress: Easy installation, great selection of free and premium WordPress themes, heaps of ingenious plugins for extension and modification. A few years ago,… Read More »The best WordPress plugins


How to Use Elementor Templates

  • 6 min read
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Introduction If you’ve been using Elementor Pro for a while, you would already be aware of the template library and its selection of pre-made blocks. However, users aren’t limited to the templates provided by Elementor, and in fact, user can create their own as well.… Read More »How to Use Elementor Templates

click activate your license - How to Install Elementor Pro

How to Install Elementor Pro

  • 3 min read
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Introduction In this tutorial, we will be learning how to install Elementor Pro. Like the installation of any other WordPress plugin, it follows these steps. Steps Download and Install the Basic Version of Elementor We first look for the Elementor plugin in the plugin repository.… Read More »How to Install Elementor Pro