Prime Hosting: 11 Ways Of WordPress Hosting

To put a WordPress website online, you need hosting, sure. However, there are many different ways to host a WordPress website, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, pitfalls and target audiences. So in this article I will give you an overview of all possibilities to host a WordPress site so that you can choose the one that suits you best: 1. Free Hosting on Unlike, is… Read More »Prime Hosting: 11 Ways Of WordPress Hosting

The 18 very best WordPress Themes of 2021

After posting about my favorite WordPress plugins I finally got around to presenting my favorite WordPress themes and templates. As you will soon realize, I use Premium Themes, which are templates with costs. They cost a few dollars, but they bring a lot of additional functionality that I don’t want to miss. Often you have special requirements or functionalities in mind, then you don’t even need to start with free… Read More »The 18 very best WordPress Themes of 2021

The 25 best Shopify Themes

How an online store looks like and how user-friendly it is is one of the factors that determine its success. Therefore, choosing the right ecommerce theme in Shopify is immensely important for the conversion rate and the usability of the store. Therefore we present here the 25 best Shopify Themes from our point of view, from all-rounders to themes for different industries and free variants. If you are looking for… Read More »The 25 best Shopify Themes

The best WordPress plugins

How ingenious open source projects are, I realize again and again, when I set up a new page with my favorite CMS WordPress: Easy installation, great selection of free and premium WordPress themes, heaps of ingenious plugins for extension and modification. A few years ago, it was not possible to set up a professional website that fast and easy! There are 57,190 free plugins for almost all purposes in the… Read More »The best WordPress plugins

How to Use Elementor Templates

Introduction If you’ve been using Elementor Pro for a while, you would already be aware of the template library and its selection of pre-made blocks. However, users aren’t limited to the templates provided by Elementor, and in fact, user can create their own as well. If you’ve read and followed our tutorial for Creating Elementor Headers and Footers. You would have already experienced creating your own templates. If you haven’t… Read More »How to Use Elementor Templates

How to Install Elementor Pro

Introduction In this tutorial, we will be learning how to install Elementor Pro. Like the installation of any other WordPress plugin, it follows these steps. Steps Download and Install the Basic Version of Elementor We first look for the Elementor plugin in the plugin repository. Once you find it click on Install Now. Once the installation is done. Once that is done, click Activate. This will activate the plugin. From… Read More »How to Install Elementor Pro

How To Use Contact Forms With Elementor Pro

If you don’t have Elementor Pro installed yet, do it now. In this tutorial we show you how. Introduction If you need website’s visitors to have a way of contacting you, you can provide an email or you can use a contact form. The second of these has the advantages of providing your website’s visitors with an easy interface for communicating which also allows you to get all the information… Read More »How To Use Contact Forms With Elementor Pro

How To Use the Elementor Pro Gallery Widget

If you don’t have Elementor Pro installed yet, do it now. In this tutorial we show you how. Introduction When creating a website, we often would like a section to display some static images. While we can do this with Elementor by creating a section, creating a layout, and placing the necessary widgets. There is a much easier way – we can use the Gallery Widget. In case, you are wondering, this is what… Read More »How To Use the Elementor Pro Gallery Widget

How To Create Landing Pages With Elementor Pro

Introduction A landing page is a webpage designed for marketing or advertising. They’re usually the page a visitor lands on when they click on a search engine. Unlike a home page, which serves as the default page of a website, a landing page purpose is to get a visitor to act. Landing pages usually show what products or services a website offers and tries to convince a visitor to buy… Read More »How To Create Landing Pages With Elementor Pro

How To Create Headers and Footers With Elementor Pro

Introduction Headers and Footers are important components of a website. The header usually contains navigation links that make it easy to access different parts of a website. The footer on the other hand contains important information that visitors of your website may need like a business address or contact details just to name a few. On WordPress, headers and footers are provided by a user’s current theme. These are usually… Read More »How To Create Headers and Footers With Elementor Pro

How To Add Favicons

Favicons are the icons you see on a browser tab when a website is open. Ordinarily this is just the site logo. By default, your WordPress site’s icon is also the WordPress icon. But this can be changed. All you have to do is go the Live Editor and make the changes there. To do so, just navigate to the Live Editor, customize the Site Identity and pick an icon… Read More »How To Add Favicons

Elementor: Getting Started

Introduction Elementor is one of the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress. Instead of a pre-fixed layout provided by a WordPress theme, Elementor allows you to create posts and pages with customized layouts and designs. We’ve written about Elementor and Elementor Pro’s features in a previous post, where we cover the plugin’s features. So in this article, we will help you get started with Elementor. To get started, you… Read More »Elementor: Getting Started

How To Leverage The Browser Cache For WordPress

Introduction Ever wonder how when you revisit a site, it loads faster than the first time you visited it? That is actually made possible by a process called caching What this process does is that it keeps requested resources and stores them somewhere, so that once the same resources are requested, they don’t have to be retrieved (which can be resource intensive) again. This allows for a smoother and overall,… Read More »How To Leverage The Browser Cache For WordPress

Securing WordPress Sites

Introduction Whether you’re using WordPress as a blogging platform, e-commerce store, or a content management system, you should be concerned with your site’ security. If your site is compromised the information stored in your site’s database may be accessed and used for malicious purposes. In this article we’ll be giving you tips on how to secure your WordPress site. Tips to Secure Your WordPress Site Pick a Good Hosting Company… Read More »Securing WordPress Sites

How To Edit the .htaccess File

Introduction Seeing the title of this article, you may be asking yourself, “Just what is the .htaccess file?” and also “Why should we edit the .htaccess file?” The answer to the first question is that the .htaccess file is a configuration file found (or created) in the root directory of your WordPress site. What it does, to answer the second question, is that it directs and changes the behavior of… Read More »How To Edit the .htaccess File

How To Add JavaScript to WordPress

Introduction Sometimes the ordinary functionality of our WordPress site needs to be enhanced. We can ordinarily do this with PHP snippets. But did you know, you can do this with JavaScript as well? That’s correct. We can leverage JavaScript and use it on your WordPress site. The process is really similar to the process of enhancing the current theme, but if you don’t know how to do that, there’s no… Read More »How To Add JavaScript to WordPress