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The 18 best Elementor themes



The popular and powerful WordPress pagebuilder pluginElementor” works almost like a homepage construction kit. It allows you to individualize websites without programming skills. A big advantage is the live mode, which makes every change immediately visible. The individual building blocks can be dragged and dropped to the desired position. In addition, adjustments for mobile display are possible. Thus, every Elementor website can be designed to be 100% responsive with just a few mouse clicks.

But since Elementor is only a plug-in, you still need a theme that provides the necessary framework and, if necessary, already provides demo content, making it easy to get started. In the following, I will introduce you to what I consider to be 18 of the best Elementor themes that are compatible with the latest version and offer many possibilities for customization and design.

I will also tell you which themes you should keep your hands off!

Elementor comes with its own theme – a big advantage especially for developers, web designers and marketers. Hello from Elementor is simple and plain – and therefore an absolute lightweight among the themes with a loading time of less than one second. The in-house theme is best suited for users of Elementor Pro because it is the easiest to customize with the Theme Builder. Users of the free Elementor version, on the other hand, must use the preset design features of other themes.

These are the 18 best Elementor themes of the year 2020

  1. Hello Elementor (free)
  2. Layers for Elementor (Pro)
  3. Neve (free + Pro)
  4. Hestia Pro
  5. Jupiter X (Pro)
  6. GeneratePress (Pro)
  7. Page Builder Framework (free + Pro)
  8. Monstroid2 (Pro)
  9. Astra (free + Pro)
  10. Zakra (free + Pro)
  11. Rhodos (Pro)
  12. Sydney (free + Pro)
  13. OceanWP (free + Pro)
  14. Rife Free (free)
  15. ColorWay (free + Pro)
  16. Bellevue – Theme for Hotels (Pro)
  17. Sonaar – For podcasts and musicians (Pro)
  18. Twenty Twenty (free)

1. Hello Elementor (free)

Hello Theme

The Hello Elementor Theme has been programmed directly by the manufacturer of the plugin. Thus, a 100% compatibility is always guaranteed. Since it is a free template, the possibilities are not as great as with other Elementor themes. However, it is a rock solid template that can be used for numerous smaller projects.

The advantages of Hello Elementor at a glance:

  • is created by the makers of Elementor
  • super lightweight for maximum speed
  • usable in connection with WooCommerce
  • open for further development (Open Source)

2. Layers for Elementor (Pro)

Layers on different devices

The theme manufacturer Layers was purchased by Elementor, so that compatibility can always be guaranteed. Compared to the Hello Theme, Layers for Elementor offers even more possibilities.

User-friendly adaptability and individual setting options. The Theme Layers is now available in the free version. This version has former pro features which are fully tailored to work with Elementor. The great strength of Layers is its customizability. Whether it’s the size of the logo, the choice of fonts from numerous already integrated Google fonts or the possibility to change the buttons – everything is done from the theme settings and without even having to touch the code. Highlights are also the adjustable spaces in the header and between the menu items. The changeable multipurpose theme impresses with its user-friendly customization tools and the possibility to redesign headers & co. If you don’t like to use code for individual customizations, you will certainly find what you are looking for in “Layers for Elementor”, as the theme is called by now.

A clear argument in favor of the download are the numerous ready-made designs. With Layers for Elementor, you can quickly create outstanding websites that can visually compete with premium themes.

The advantages of Layers for Elementor at a glance:

  • is also offered by Elementor
  • therefore optimal compatibility with Elementor
  • slim design & easy customization
  • ideal for stores, landing pages and much more
  • possibility for further development by developers
  • various integrations & PlugIns possible

3. Neve (free + Pro)

Neve - Create and Grow a Website, Fast

The theme where you can’t do much wrong. Neve is easy to set up and flexibly customizable. It is very well suited for users who want to control their theme themselves without having to learn any code. Neve comes with a whole library of pre-installed pages that are easily customizable. Starting with the pre-built demos is even easier because onboarding is already built into the dashboard. So nothing stands in the way of individual use of the WordPress Theme. Another feature Neve highlights is the “One-Click-Rollback” function – it offers the possibility to go back to the previous version. If, for example, an update does not run well, the damage can be undone very well and in a time-saving way.

The theme manufacturer Themeisle has created a theme with Neve that harmonizes perfectly with the Elementor plugin and is also super easy to use. As usual with Elementor themes, the Pro version comes with numerous ready-made designs that can be imported with a mouse click to get started even faster with a professional website.

Neve is available in a free and a pro version. The paid version, for example, unlocks more features of Elementor and allows for even easier customization of layouts. For example, the Blog Booster and Header Booster for optimal customizability and maximum user experience.

The advantages of Neve at a glance:

  • slim code for optimal loading times
  • many demo templates with content for a Kickstart
  • Various customization options directly in the Customizer
  • offers 100% Elementor support & own building blocks
  • compatible with the Shop-PlugIn WooCommerce

4. Hestia Pro

Hestia PRO - Modern Material Design Theme

Also from Themeisle is the Hestia Pro Theme. This theme offers many customizable themes that are quickly imported. The beautiful blog area is especially convincing, which is perfect for building digital magazines.

Quick to set up, flexible to design. Hestia Pro is a premium theme that is perfectly tailored to Elementor. It has many extra features that make it easy to quickly set up your website. With a few clicks you can shorten many design decisions, because Hestia Pro already makes suggestions for the design of individual sections. For example, the section for contact can be provided with shortcodes, which ensures an optimal presentation of the forms. Bloggers will certainly find the blog layouts exciting, while store operators will benefit from full WooCommerce compatibility as well as from the ready-made price and portfolio sections. The whole thing is then also available with an absolutely fast performance – perfect for a professional website appearance! Parallax and video backgrounds complete the features of the Hestia Pro Theme, which makes setting up websites very easy and fast.

Hestia Pro is also a true multipurpose wonder. From an extensive website to a small landing page, almost everything can be implemented with the slim template.

The advantages of Hestia Pro at a glance:

  • all adjustments possible in the customizer
  • ideal for fast loading pages
  • Predefined templates simplify the start
  • beautiful display of the blog area
  • 100% compatibility with Elementor & WooCommerce

5. Jupiter X (Pro)

Jupiter X Website

Most importable website templates! If you really want a lot of choice of preset demo templates, Jupiter X offers over 300 already designed websites that can be imported. The websites are sorted by categories. You can also view the templates according to various criteria. These include style (for example, minimalist, elegant, etc.), header type (transparent, multiline, etc.), menu structure (burger menu, full-page, etc.) or contained components (booking forms, store, portfolio and some others). Jupiter X is therefore the ultimate multi-purpose theme and ideal if you want to create many customer websites with one theme. The best thing for all Elementor users: The theme was recently completely rebuilt with Elementor. A special feature is the freely customizable Mega Menu. It even has the possibility to build it vertically. The mega menu can also be enhanced with Elementor widgets.

Build & Customize everything – this is the motto of Jupiter X. The Elementor-ready WordPress Theme is full of possibilities and offers hundreds of ready-made designs. But of course you also have the option to build a page from scratch. Jupiter X makes layouting a breeze, so that user-friendly pages can be assembled intuitively.

The advantages of Jupiter X at a glance:

  • hundreds of designs in different categories
  • easy layouting from the customizer
  • takes advantage of the full functionality of Elementor
  • compatible with WooCommerce for elegant stores
  • more PlugIns (value: 275 $) included in the package

6. GeneratePress (Pro)

Generate Press - The perfect lightweight theme for your next project.

The barrier-free lightweight. GeneratePress is available in a free and a premium version. Both are characterized by their enormous lightness. The free version of GeneratePress is usually sufficient for use and it works wonderfully with Elementor. The biggest advantage of GeneratePress is its speed. The code has been kept as pure as possible, everything unnecessary has been removed. So it brings an empty WordPress website with GeneratePress to less than 30 kb. But probably the most impressive thing about GeneratePress is that it has been used by hundreds of thousands of users and found to be very good. It currently runs on more than 300,000 active websites, so the code and support is accordingly mature. Another great advantage of GeneratePress is its accessibility – the theme follows WCAG 2.0 standards to ensure accessibility to web content.

In the so called Site Library you can find a lot of inspirations which designs can be realized with GeneratePress. The demos can of course be imported super fast, so you can start right away. The theme of GeneratePress is programmed very clean and light, which is noticeable in PageSpeed. The numerous premium modules make sure that you can create your website according to your own ideas without any previous knowledge.

The advantages of GeneratePress at a glance:

  • extremely slim programmed for fast loading
  • maximum control over the layout in the customizer
  • Library with numerous demo pages for import
  • perfectly tailored to Elementor & WooCommerce
  • countless customization and individualization options

7. Page Builder Framework (free + Pro)

A modern, fast & minimalistic theme designed for the new WordPress Era.

The Page Builder Framework has an enormous advantage: It was developed specifically for use with a page builder like Elementor. The customization possibilities with the Page Builder Framework are almost infinite, and the performance is very fast. Advanced WordPress users and developers will benefit from the fact that the page is easily extensible with hooks. Furthermore, the Page Builder Framework scores with the fact that it is 100% responsive. Since it is written in HTML5, the theme is SEO friendly and complies with current Internet standards. It also supports translations, because it is compatible with plugins like WPML and Polylang. Website operators with customers from Europe often make sure that the theme is DSGVO-compatible. The creators of the Page Builder Framework assure the users of the theme that it is 100% compliant with the Data Protection Ordinance. On the website of the manufacturer there is a very extensive documentation, which reveals how much potential the template has.

Especially for agencies, the Premium version is a great solution, as it unlocks the features “Ultimate Dashboard PRO” & “Swift Control PRO”, which among other things provide multisite support (e.g. for several customers or WordPress-as-a-Service). As the name suggests, the WordPress Theme Page Builder Framework is designed explicitly for plugins like Elementor, making it the perfect theme for a website built entirely visually with Elementor.

The advantages of the Page Builder Framework at a glance:

  • minimalistic theme with particularly lean code
  • totally flexible adaptation possibilities with the Customizer & Elementor
  • compatible with WooCommerce for fast loading stores
  • Premium Add-ons for even more possibilities
  • ideal as basis for WaaS (WordPress-as-a-Service) & agencies

8. Monstroid2 (Pro)

Monstroid2 - New WordPress Themes Generation.

Monstroid2 is perhaps the most famous theme of the manufacturer Templatemonster. The theme can not only be used with Elementor, but also offers numerous customization options thanks to unique plug-ins that are exclusively provided by Templatemonster.

The advantages of Monstroid2 at a glance:

  • high-performance theme for good page speed
  • easy start thanks to ready-made templates
  • is suitable for blogs, stores or even landing pages
  • supports Elementor & WooCommerce
  • more useful PlugIns included in the package

9. Astra (free + Pro)

Fastest Growing Theme of All Time

Astra is available in the Free & Pro version: The Astra Pro version comes with over 50 ready-made website templates – and best of all, many of them are already based on Elementor. These website templates are pre-designed for many industries and can be installed with a single click. A drop-down menu displays the page templates best suited for the application. This ensures that the user chooses a template that best suits his needs from the start. Of course, the entire Astra Theme, including the free version, is also compatible with Elementor. With Astra, the sidebar and title bar can also be turned off during customization to display pages in full width and height. The template is characterized by an excellent speed and makes it possible to assemble very easy to use pages modularly with the help of Elementor. By the way, the performance of Astra is really outstanding: It loads in less than half a second! This is due to the clean code without any superfluous frills like jQuery. Besides Elementor, other plugins are directly supported like LearnDash, WooCommerce and Yoast.

Astra Pro offers several starter templates that can be imported directly with demo content. This makes it very easy to quickly create websites in the style of the demo pages. In the Pro version, the setting options are also more extensive and there are many more ready-made designs.

The advantages of Astra at a glance:

  • very clean programming, therefore almost perfect page speed
  • countless starter templates for fast results
  • various layout options and customization options
  • 100% Elementor compatible & with own upgrades
  • supports the Shop-PlugIn WooCommerce

10. Zakra (free + Pro)

Zakra: The Only Theme You'll Ever Need

The multi-purpose theme Zakra is versatile and was developed for fast loading times. The more than 40 importable demos are characterized by a well thought-out design, which is very precisely tailored to the respective industry. In the demos’ selection menu, you can choose the particularly high compatibility with Elementor. This allows you to import the most suitable website templates right from the start. Zakra is very well suited for self-employed people and companies thanks to a deeper integration of WooCommerce. The store pages are very easy to adapt to the rest of the design with Zakra. For international sites certainly interesting is not only the compatibility with the translation plugins WPML and Polylang, but also the support of right-to-left spelling, as it is used for the Arabic languages among others.

Zakra Pro is a chic yet lightweight theme and therefore super fast loading. It is built for maximum speed and fully optimized for performance.

The advantages of Zakra at a glance:

  • Very good loading times and fancy templates
  • Zakra Pro is AMP Ready and works without jQuery!
  • WooCommerce and Elementor compatible

11. Rhodos (Pro)

The Unique Creative Design Agency

The Rhodos Premium Theme is specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses. The prefabricated and easily imported designs look serious and friendly at the same time. The business theme has a WooCommerse store, but the features do not stop there. Whether plug-ins for e-mail integration (Mailchimp, ContactForm 7) or the integrated event calendar plug-in – Rhodos convinces with high functionality. Of course a DSGVO plugin is also integrated. In order to be able to build even complex websites quickly, there are also ready-made content blocks in addition to the website templates. Hundreds of shortcodes facilitate the individual adaptation of the website. Creative agencies, financial service providers, healthcare companies and many other industries benefit from the stable multi-purpose theme that Elementor has already integrated as a page builder. Price tables, Google Maps integration, linked galleries and many other business features make Rhodos the theme of choice for corporate websites.

12. Sydney (free + Pro)

Welcome to Sydney

Sydney is a strong theme for multilingual corporate sites and many other purposes. The Sydney business theme works very well with Elementor and comes with a lot of great features. Thanks to its preset design blocks, the website can be set up quickly, which certainly meets the needs of companies and freelancers.

An advantage for international companies: The Sydney theme is prepared for translations and contains all necessary files to facilitate the translation process. Of course, the theme is responsive and can be adapted in many ways with the Theme Customizer. Whether colors, fonts or social media icons – Sydney has everything a business theme needs. Added to this are luxury features such as the Parallax backgrounds. Here, amazing effects with depth effect can be achieved when scrolling by moving elements at different speeds.

The advantages of Sydney at a glance:

  • Free WordPress Theme
  • Fancy layouts
  • Prepared for translations
  • Own Elementor Blocks

13. OceanWP (free + Pro)

Create Beautiful Websites

Another theme for Elementor that is very popular with users is OceanWP. Over two million downloads and an average rating of five stars speak for an excellently working theme. OceanWP also has two major advantages: On the one hand there are also numerous demos for the free version, which one can import over an extension. On the other hand it is designed for the use of WooCommerce, which will please store operators and other entrepreneurs and freelancers. In order to increase the sales figures, OceanWP in the Pro version brings along very many useful features. These include, for example, QuickView, with which the potential buyer can quickly access the most important information about the product. A floating bar in turn ensures that the buy button is always visible. This increases conversion without disturbing the user.

The advantages of Sydney at a glance:

  • Free entry possible
  • Very good features in the Pro version
  • Many fancy demo pages with Importer
  • WooCommerce & E-Commerce capable

14. Rife Free (free)

Rife - Let's start now. It's free!

Show me your pictures! Theme Rife Free is mainly made for photographers, designers and other creative people. Seven demos make it easy to set up your website with ready-made galleries, background videos and sliders. From one-page websites to more extensive portfolios to a WooCommerce store – the One-Click-Importer makes importing a breeze. To support the user, the theme developers offer a series of video tutorials. A special feature of Rife Free is the design tailored to portfolios, which clearly emphasizes the display of numerous images. Artists and other cultural workers could also find what they are looking for in this theme. If you want to present yourself and your works in a simple but elegant way, Rife Free is the right choice.

It is particularly suitable for portfolio sites to present photography, art, architecture, design and other project-centered works or professions. Rife Free also has a one-way website option, a cool way to showcase small businesses such as dance studios, private chess lessons, local poker clubs or anything else in that direction.

The advantages of Rife Free at a glance:

  • Free to install via the WP theme directory
  • Can be configured via the WordPress Customizer
  • WooCommerce and Elementor compatible

15. ColorWay (free + Pro)

Create any Business Sites in just a snap.

Another free, highly customizable theme directly tailored to the Page Builder Elementor is the ColorWay WP theme. In addition to more than 25 colorful demo pages for numerous industries and high performance, the ColorWay Pro premium theme features a number of plug-ins. In addition to Gallery Portfolio, Google Map localization and various sliders, two functions in particular deserve special mention: The booking tool and the lead capture tool. The booking tool allows not only booking of appointments but also payment via the website. To collect leads, ColorWay Pro offers expressive forms that attract attention. Of course, the APIs of e-mail providers such as Mailchimp and GetResponse can be integrated into the forms. So that self-employed people, freelancers and companies get everything they need, Colorway is of course also compatible with WooCommerce. Another advantage of the premium theme is the Facebook community for ColorWay users. Here they can find support and answers to their questions.

16. Bellevue – Special Theme for Hotels (Pro)


The highlight for the travel industry! Even if it is a niche theme: Bellevue simply has to be listed among the best Elementor themes. It is specialized in hotels, apartment rentals and tour operators. The Premium Theme offers advanced features that are extremely useful for the travel industry: These include route descriptions in the form of a travel route, the display of discounted booking packages, price tables, customizable forms and much more.

But the absolute highlight is the booking calendar. It offers an availability display, iCal integration to synchronize bookings with other systems, seasonal price displays, e-mail notifications and more. Finally, the payments for the bookings can be accepted by a WooCommerce extension. In order to make the website construction especially easy, you can even save your own page designs as templates in addition to the prepared templates, so that you can keep them for further use.

17. Sonaar – Special themes for podcasts and musicians (Pro)

Premium Music WordPress Themes for Musicians and Podcasters

Sonaar is a provider of several niche themes. Musicians, bands and podcasters get the opportunity to present themselves in sound and vision. The designs of the more than 20 demo websites are very impressive and tailored to the music industry. They can be imported with one mouse click and customized with Elementor.

All themes of Sonaar were developed especially for the interaction with Elementor.

Over 100 content blocks can be combined and edited to create unique designs. The Premium Theme also includes an impressive continuous audio player that does not stop when pages are changed. Full podcast support and audio streaming are also included. But that’s not all: the themes also have powerful extensions. It has been designed to work seamlessly with the following plugins: Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, Mailchimp and WooCommerce. This extends the possibilities of the website and makes Sonaar’s themes the ideal business theme for the music industry.

18. Twenty Twenty (free)

Twenty Twenty Theme

The default template of WordPress itself is compatible with Elementor. If you want to try out the possibilities of the Page Builder first, you can do so with the Twenty Twenty Theme.

For more sophisticated websites, the theme probably offers too few individualization options. But for a quick & lean start you can always use it well.

The advantages of Twenty Twenty at a glance:

  • automatically installed at the start of WordPress
  • is suitable for trying out Elementor
  • minimalistic websites without much effort

Not (anymore) recommended themes

For the sake of completeness and because I have used or recommended some of these themes myself in the past, I keep some themes on this page that I no longer recommend and explain why, in my opinion, they should no longer be used. These themes are currently still in the list of themes recommended by Elementor itself, so be careful!

Schema (Pro)

Schema Theme

The theme Schema used to be a real insider tip among SEOs, because it combines two enormous advantages: First, it loads extremely fast and second, it is tailored for optimal SEO friendliness. The theme is designed to help search engines easily identify all parts of the website. This serves to rank them higher in the ranking. The integrated rating system, with which readers can add their comments to the blog articles, should be emphasized. There are also integrated overviews of social media. For fans of unusual designs, Schema has flexible setting options in the panel and countless background patterns. For those who want to monetize their blog with advertisements, Schema offers sophisticated ad management in the dashboard. Schema is the right theme for everyone who wants to optimize their website or blog for visibility in Google & Co.

Unfortunately, the theme has become clearly visible and can therefore no longer be recommended!

Gumbo – Special Theme for Podcast (Pro)

Gumbo Podcast Theme

An extraordinary niche theme is Gumbo. It was developed especially for podcasters, but is also suitable for operators of a video blog (vlogs) or for audio and video portfolios. Gumbo works with all important WordPress plugins for podcasting like Seriously Simply Podcasting and SimplePodcastPress. Additionally, the premium theme supports embedding of YouTube, Vimeo, MixCloud, Libsyn, Soundcloud as well as locally hosted and external MP3 files. The theme includes extensions developed specifically for Elementor to make it easier to build and customize the website. These range from special templates for episode lists to show host pages that invite people to contact you on your social media profiles.

I used to use the theme for a podcast, but unfortunately it is too inflexible in many places and visually a bit dusty, so I can’t recommend it and don’t use it anymore.

Phlox (Pro)

Make It Possible with Phlox

The Phlox theme also comes with lots of complete website demos. The more than 100 designs here are mostly bright, friendly and modern. Whether for service providers, beauty bloggers, store operators or creative people – the extraordinarily radiant design templates for the most diverse industries and purposes convince at first glance. And of course everything is compatible with Elementor. Many of the design templates are free, for others you need the Pro version. It is the theme of choice if you are looking for a fresh website design that is highly customizable. The import function for the demo designs is extremely user-friendly: After selecting the demo, you get a selection of the desired content pages. One more click and the design is imported!

Screenshot Page Speed

By the way, Phlox Pro is the best-selling Elementor theme on Themeforest! It has also been nominated for several awards, including the CSS Design Award and the Web Guru Award.

ATTENTION: Unfortunately you can see that Phlox supports on the WP Bakery Page Builder and is built like a typical WordPress theme of the 2010s as an egg-laying wool milkshaw and therefore a bit overloaded.

Therefore I unfortunately cannot recommend Phlox!


The official Elementor theme page still recommends the tesseract theme for blogs and stores, but I don’t like the theme at all! Tesseract is simple, user friendly and reliable, but I think the look is a bit outdated. Furthermore, you have to give your e-mail address for a download and the whole business model is very strangely implemented. For example, it costs $30 to remove the branding of the theme.

Tesseract supports the user with a series of tutorials to help with the setup. The theme can be used in many ways and thanks to the free version it is also very useful for small companies or solo preneurs. It is SEO friendly and compatible with WooCommerce. Also the operators of blogs get their money’s worth with Tesseract, because the theme is designed for the needs of bloggers. The high adaptability of the design combined with the ease of use makes Tesseract a popular theme for anyone who wants to save time and money when setting up their website or blog. Even the free version is equipped for use with Elementor.

Further questions about Elementor Themes

What is Elementor?

Elementor is the world’s leading WordPress page builder. Elementor serves web professionals such as developers, designers and marketing professionals. Elementor is open source software under the GPLv3 license. Elementor is available both free of charge and as a premium version with advanced features. Since its launch in 2016, Elementor’s reach now extends to more than 180 countries. The pagebuilder has more than 5,000,000 active installations and is loved by many users, as evidenced by the more than 4,500 five-star ratings it has received in the WordPress repository.

How does Elementor work?

Elementor is a page builder plugin that replaces the simple WordPress editor with a live front-end editor, allowing you to visually create complex layouts and design your website live without having to switch between editor and preview mode. The Page Builder allows you to achieve a first-class design quality without having to use code or CSS and without having to rely on the help of developers.

What does Elementor cost?

The core plugin of Elementor is free. For Elementor Pro, the price starts at $49 per year for 1 site, $99 per year for 3 sites and $199 per year for unlimited sites.

What is Elementor Pro?

In December 2016, Elementor Pro was released, an extension plugin for Elementor designed for web designers and professionals. Elementor Pro includes several unique features, including live visual form design, flexible posts and portfolio widgets, custom CSS, and global widget.

Which themes are compatible with Elementor Page Builder

In fact, there are a number of free and premium themes that work great with Elementor. Elementor was developed to comply with the WordPress standards for themes, but there are many more. However, there are theme developers who have paid special attention to compatibility with Elementor. Beyond Hello from Elementor the following themes are recommended.


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