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The 20 best themes for WooCommerce

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With the WooCommerce plug-in for WordPress, creating an online store is easier than ever before. The tool is easy and intuitive to use, even for beginners. It fits seamlessly into the WordPress interface and theoretically works with any WordPress theme. But some are better suited than others…

Today there are more than ten thousand WordPress themes with very different focuses. Many of them are suitable as multipurpose themes for various formats – from online stores to blogs, portfolios and magazines. But some themes are also specifically designed for the creation of online stores.

With such a large selection, it can be difficult to find the theme that best fits your needs. That’s why we’re presenting here both purchasable and free themes for working with WooCommerce. They stand out from the mass of themes because of their high quality, good functionality and great popularity:

Porto (Premium)

Thte Best WordPress WooCommerce Theme

With its clear, rather classic design, Porto looks very professional and less playful than other themes. Therefore, this Multipurpose theme is the right choice for you if you offer high-quality services and products. Porto has the best ratings out of the top 20 best-selling themes on Themeforest and comes with over thirty demos for online stores and a variety of layouts in light and dark colors, where you can even filter specifically by pagebuilder, WPBAKERY, ELEMENTOR and GUTENBERG:

Over thirty demos for online stores

With the freely placeable product lists and the individual categories you have a lot of leeway when designing your store. The theme also convinces with its high speed and can even be used on low-level servers.


  • clear, professional looking design
  • numerous demos for various online stores
  • few demands on the server environment
  • high speed in the execution

Divi (Premium)

WordPress Unleashed - The Most Popular WordPress Themes In The World And the Ultimate Visual Page Builder

Divi is a very successful theme for any kind of websites and online stores. With hundreds of layouts and design elements, and with Divi’s intuitive built-in builder, you can quickly give your project a unique look. Among the layouts you can currently find 21 ready-to-use templates for online stores, such as fashion, furniture or e-books.

21 Layout Packs

The own WooCommerce-Builder offers even more elements especially for e-commerce. You can customize them freely and place them anywhere on your website. The easy handling and the extensive support in several languages makes Divi also suitable for beginners.


  • Large functional range and intuitive operation
  • numerous predefined layouts for online stores
  • own WooCommerce-Builder with additional elements
  • extensive support in several languages

ShopIsle (Premium)

ShopIsle PRO - Build online shops of any kind!

ShopIsle is a theme designed specifically for e-commerce. Whether you run a store for electronics, fashion, furniture or other products – here you will find the right tools. ShopIsle gives your online store an elegant, minimalist design. The theme has a seamless WooCommerce integration where you can flexibly add and expand the widgets on your site. The configuration is simple and intuitive. Although the theme focuses on stores, you can also build any one-page-style site with ShopIsle.


  • elegant and minimalist design
  • specially designed for the development of online stores
  • seamless WooCommerce integration
  • simple and intuitive operation

Extra (Premium)

Extra - The Ultimate Magazine WordPresse Theme & Visual Page Builder

The Extra Theme is primarily aimed at creating visually appealing magazines and blogs. It offers innovative features that allow you to display multiple content categories clearly on one page. Although the theme is aimed more at bloggers, you can also use it to create online stores based on WooCommerce. For this purpose there are separate designs for store and product pages and for the WooCommerce elements. Extra is delivered together with the Divi theme in a package. Because it uses the same powerful builder as Divi, you can customize all the elements of your store extensively.


  • powerful builder with extensive design options
  • own attractive designs for the WooCommerce elements
  • is delivered together with Divi and several plug-ins in a package
  • innovative features for attractive magazines and blogs

Flatsome (Premium)

FLATSOME - The #1 Best selling WooCommerce & Business theme

Flatsome is specially designed for working with WooCommerce and is one of the most frequently purchased themes in this area. It contains all the elements you can imagine for your online store, from portfolios and galleries to functions for ratings and comments, price tables and videos. The theme also comes with hundreds of store layouts and fonts.

Themes and Layouts

If you want, you can customize the look of each category and product page. Despite the many functions Flatsome is optimized for speed and achieves very good values in corresponding tests.


  • large selection of elements for a modern online store
  • high number of predefined store layouts
  • customizable category and product pages
  • fast interface for high customer satisfaction

Impreza (Premium)

A demo shop by IMPREZA

Impreza is an extremely popular theme for various uses. It comes with numerous beautifully designed demos. Among them are an online store for fashion and beauty and another simple store design. All in all, the designs appear tidy and clear.

Demo Shop

Impreza has extremely powerful builders for grid, product and header, which give you great flexibility in designing your store. The theme is considered one of the fastest on the market. As a special feature you can test Impreza with your own content before you buy.


  • appealing demo content for a quick start
  • powerful builders for grid, product and header
  • Test the theme with your own content before buying
  • extremely fast surface

Kallyas (Premium)

A demo by Kallyas

Kallyas is another multipurpose theme for WordPress. It has a strong WooCommerce integration. The theme uses the functions of the WooCommerce plug-ins and complements them with its own look. Kallyas contains over seventy visually appealing demos, including various online stores for eyewear, shoes, cars, flowers and many other products:

70 visually appealing demos

The visual builder called Zion Builder provides you with a large number of elements with which you can design your site. Kallyas also claims to have the best icon integration on the market. With its smart loader, which loads resources only when needed, the theme is also impressive in terms of speed.

Zion Builder


  • numerous demos for various online stores
  • visual builder with a high number of elements
  • simple and fast integration of icons
  • smart loader for high speed of the theme

WoodMart (Premium)

The WoodMart theme is specifically designed for the creation of WooCommerce stores. It has a modern, fresh design and many functions that make shopping pleasant. Thanks to the AJAX store technology used, your customers will always see the current status of a product, even without updating the page. Also attractive is the display of different colors, sizes and styles for a product directly in the product list. These features ensure a smooth shopping experience. WoodMart comes with over sixty demos – from furniture, fashion and bicycles to food:

60 demos


  • specially designed for WooCommerce
  • numerous demos for various online stores
  • AJAX technology provides an attractive shopping experience
  • Display of different product variants in the product list

XStore (Premium)

XSTORE - The Most Complete & Customizable WooCommerce Theme

With the XStore theme you are right if you want to present your store in a minimalist, elegant design. With more than ninety store designs included, you can get started quickly with XStore. The theme has everything you need for a pleasant shopping experience, while eliminating superfluous functions. Both Elementor and the WPBakery Builder are supported as pagebuilders. XStore also uses the user-friendly AJAX technology, for example in the search, filters and shopping cart. With attractive hover effects for products and with the off-canvas sidebars, your customers can quickly display additional product information. You also have the possibility to present every single product in the store with a unique look.


  • minimalistic and elegant design
  • more than ninety store designs
  • customer-friendly AJAX store technology
  • Off-Canvas sidebars for additional product information

Kapee (Premium)

kapee. - FASHION WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Kapee is a slim WooCommerce theme with a high speed. With its layout, colors and functions, it is primarily focused on fashion. But if you like, you can also use it well for other products. With this theme, your customers will also benefit from the AJAX technology, for example when searching and filtering or shopping carts. Functions such as comparing products, displaying product recommendations and showing variants help you to sell. Compared to other premium themes, Kapee also stands out with its attractive price.


  • many customer-friendly functions for product selection
  • slim theme with high speed
  • proven AJAX technology
  • attractive price

Goya (Premium)

Goya Theme

With the Goya-Theme you present your products in a modern and minimalistic style. The beautiful layouts convince your customers with their clarity and elegance as well as with a simple, intuitive usability. To achieve this, this theme also relies on AJAX technology, for example for searches or product suggestions. You can customize the pages for product overviews and individual products. In addition to the e-commerce functions, the Goya theme also comes with several layouts for blogs and portfolios. It also scores with an extremely attractive price.


  • modern and minimalist design
  • simple and clear operation for the customer
  • several predefined layouts for blogs and portfolios
  • especially attractive price

Shopkeeper (Premium)

Shopkeeper - Everything You Need to Sell Online like a Pro!

The Shopkeeper Theme offers your customers a tidy and elegant design. It is well suited for physical and digital products. The homepage is slim and does without superfluous elements. This gives your store a very professional appearance. The theme comes with numerous demos and layouts for product pages and can be customized almost unlimitedly. In addition to the e-commerce functions, Shopkeeper also has three beautiful blog layouts and several templates for portfolios. Those who like to experiment with fonts can also look forward to extensive options in this area.


  • tidy and professional looking design
  • very extensive customization options
  • numerous typography settings
  • multiple layouts for blogs and portfolios

electro (Premium)

The electro theme for electronic items and gadgets.

The name already indicates it: The electro Theme is ideally suited for creating online stores for electronic items and gadgets. But you can also use it to build any other kind of store. With electro, your customers can view many items at a glance and browse through numerous product categories. The structure and functions of the extensively customizable theme are based on the pages of large online retailers. Due to the good multi-vendor support, electro is also recommended for marketplace operators who present the products of many suppliers on their website.


  • proven design for classic online retail
  • well suited for the joint presentation of many products
  • good multi-vendor support for operating online marketplaces
  • extensive customization options

The retailer (Premium)

The retailer - also for creating blogs or portfolios.

The retailer is a theme, which is well suited for the presentation of various physical and digital products due to its classic design. It convinces your customers with a tidy interface and its good usability. The store layout is flexible and you can create an unlimited number of single pages. Besides online stores, the theme is also suitable for creating blogs and portfolios. If you are new to e-commerce, you can quickly build your first store thanks to the easy installation and configuration.


  • universal theme for various products
  • classic, tidy design
  • good customer navigation
  • easy installation and configuration

Neve (gratis + Premium)

Neve, Create and Grow a Website, Fast

Although Neve is available for free, it almost looks like a premium theme. It has a modern design and works with an external pagebuilder of your choice. The mobile-first approach gives your customers the best possible presentation on any device. The developers have put a strong focus on speed so that the pages load extremely fast. The free version of Neve is fully compatible with WooCommerce and gives its elements a unique style. With the optional Pro version, additional functionalities such as wish lists or product videos are added.


  • mobile first approach for accurate display on mobile devices
  • full compatibility with WooCommerce
  • various external pagebuilders can be used
  • slim installation and extremely fast page loading

Hestia (gratis + Premium)

Hestia is another free theme for various purposes. It is suitable for building blogs and portfolios as well as for online stores. Visually it convinces with its one-page design and the modern, tidy presentation. Hestia has a good WooCommerce integration, with which you can build your first online store in a short time. It is also optimized for speed. You can also use various well-known pagebuilders for this theme. For demanding users there is also a pro version. It offers you many new design elements and customization options as well as extended support for WooCommerce:

Hestia Pro - Modern Material Design Theme


  • modern and tidy design in one-page style
  • good integration with WooCommerce
  • various external pagebuilders can be used
  • optimized for high speed

Storefront (gratis)

Storefront is the theme provided by Automattic, the owners of WooCommerce itself. Therefore, by choosing this theme you get the best possible compatibility with WooCommerce. The design is simple, but offers everything you need for an online store. You can customize it to a certain extent, but for a more individual look, we recommend an additional child theme. Thanks to the simple design Storefront is very fast. Since it also fully supports the WordPress Accessibility Guidelines, the theme can be displayed on many devices without any problems.


  • simple, minimalistic design
  • best possible compatibility with WooCommerce
  • good display on many different end devices
  • very high speed in use

Overlay (free of charge)

Overlay is a simple multipurpose theme with a beautiful and minimalist look. Its classic layout gives your store a professional look. The theme has a strong WooCommerce integration and complements its functions with its own elements, for example for editing the shopping cart or for the checkout. Overlay can be configured intuitively and your customers can enjoy a high speed. If you want to customize the website more at a later date, there is also an inexpensive pro version available. It offers you advanced settings for WooCommerce and additional layouts.


  • classic, professional looking layout
  • seamless integration with WooCommerce and WordPress
  • additional own e-commerce elements
  • high speed of use

Bento (free of charge)

The Bento theme impresses with a wealth of features that you normally only see in premium themes. It offers you full compatibility with WooCommerce, high speed and extensive options for designing your site. You can choose from more than five hundred vector icons and Google fonts each, and use unlimited colors. Bento comes with several modern layouts for an attractive shopping experience, including multiple grids and a one-page design. With its ease of use, extensive online documentation, and clean code, you’ll quickly achieve great results with the theme.


  • modern layouts for an attractive shopping experience
  • extensive equipment and design options
  • detailed online documentation
  • high speed of use

Tyche (free of charge)

Tyche is a theme that stands out above all for its aesthetically pleasing appearance. It comes with beautiful layouts and presents your products in a well structured way. Especially interesting are the widgets, with which you can highlight individual groups of products, such as offers, bestsellers or new products. This makes the theme well suited for selling fashion and for other stores with frequently changing products. Tyche has full WooCommerce integration and is easy and intuitive to use.


  • high-quality aesthetics and beautiful layouts
  • full WooCommerce integration
  • useful widgets for highlighting individual product groups
  • simple and intuitive operation

Create your online store with WooCommerce and WordPress now!

In principle, the WooCommerce plug-in alone is sufficient to create a fully functional online store. To display the pages, however, you need a theme in any case. This can either be a standard theme of WordPress itself or one of the many other themes available for free or for sale. With these, you can give your WooCommerce widgets a look that perfectly matches your products. Some themes also add extra functionality to the WooCommerce plug-in.

Kristin Eitel

Kristin Eitel