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The best Amazon affiliate link plugins for WordPress

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There is a whole range of WordPress plugins that can help monetize a website. Especially with the popular Amazon affiliate program, it is relatively easy with the right plugin to include affiliate links on a website and thereby generate revenue. Since affiliate links can help to generate revenue from a website, of course depending on the traffic, it is important to choose a reliable and trustworthy plugin. This means that… 

The best lead generation plugins for WordPress

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Today we start with this article our new three-part series “E-Mail-Marketing with WordPress”! It starts logically with the collection of e-mail addresses and leads via so-called lead generation plugins. Lead generation is the first and most important part of good email marketing, where a potential customer becomes a subscriber to your newsletter or a competition. No matter if blog, start up, agency or large company – if you want to… 

Tutorial: Create easily professional WordPress websites with Elementor Template Kits

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You want to build a professional website with WordPress, but it’s really hard from scratch and the fancy contents of the demo are not licensed? Then there is now the perfect solution for you! There is a reason why so many people use Page Builder for WordPress page creation. After all, even the most complex page layouts and functions can be implemented easily and without any programming effort. Elementor stands…