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Tutorial: Create easily professional WordPress websites with Elementor Template Kits

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You want to build a professional website with WordPress, but it’s really hard from scratch and the fancy contents of the demo are not licensed? Then there is now the perfect solution for you!

There is a reason why so many people use Page Builder for WordPress page creation. After all, even the most complex page layouts and functions can be implemented easily and without any programming effort. Elementor stands out as the easiest to use, so it’s no wonder Elementor has become the most popular page builder. Not only does it simplify content creation, but the plugin also offers a number of compelling extras.

Screenshot Template Kits von Envato Elements

But one of the biggest advantages of Elementor is the possibility to use so called Elementor Templates. These are quasi ready-made page templates that can be imported into any website. They serve as a starting point and can be easily adapted to your own needs. So you can easily exchange texts, colors and images, or simply remove the elements you don’t need. Practically every aspect of the website can be easily customized.

And the best thing is: From photos and videos to backgrounds and fonts, the Template Kits already include all licenses for the media!

Take a look at all the Elementor Template Kits at Envato Elements! There really should be something for every purpose!

Screenshot Template Kits

Here we show you how to get started with Elementor Templates and template kits on your WordPress website:

What are the advantages of Elementor Templates?

Even the best WordPress page creators have to make an effort to create really great websites. Creating a professional looking layout with attractive design elements using a page image is possible, but it takes a lot of time and experience.

Elementor Templates take all this time-consuming work off your hands. With just a few clicks you can import everything you need to create a stylish and professional looking website. Templates come in many styles and designs. However, for some features in them, you need the pro version of the Elementor Plugin (starting at $49 a year).

Envato, the world’s largest marketplace for WordPress Themes now also offers a number of professional Elementor Template Kits. These kits are a collection of similarly designed templates, stock photos and graphics that are designed to be shared on a website and therefore automatically fit together perfectly. You can quickly and easily build an entire website in no time.

Elementor Templates from Envato Elements

Envato Elements offers with its subscription access to a huge selection of high quality Elementor Template Kits. Getting started is easy. Just find your favorite template, download it and import it with the free Template Kit import plugin.

Screenshot Evato Elements

It’s best to install the free Envato Elements WordPress plugin right away to search and import templates directly in your WordPress admin area.

Kristin Eitel

Kristin Eitel