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How to find a WordPress freelancer for the development of your website

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I often get requests from people like you, who reach their limits when creating your website. With Premium Themes, PageBuilders and Plugins you can build a lot of cool stuff with WordPress without any programming knowledge, but sooner or later you can’t avoid to develop your own plugin or to extend or adapt an existing theme.

If you don’t want to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP yourself to become independent from developers, sooner or later you will look for a suitable freelancer. And this is exactly where the problem starts.

Many of the really good WordPress developers build websites themselves with which they earn money, or create themes and plugins which they then market themselves, or are employed by a company or working at full capacity.

If you can find them on the usual freelancer exchanges and forums, most of them don’t have much project experience or haven’t even made it into the WordPress core beyond the script kiddie level. I can only advise against such a service provider! I also advise against most service providers on platforms like Fiverr, because they are often not very qualified or can only do a few things really well. In addition, communication is more difficult and my quality standards for visual design, code quality or elegance are usually never reached there.

But how do you find a competent and qualified WordPress freelancer who also has the time and resources to take on your assignment?

My advice: Find a WordPress developer via codeable.


Codeable is the only freelancer platform especially for WordPress. All service providers on the platform are checked and tested for their knowledge. Codeable has been successfully placing customers with the best WordPress experts for their specific needs since 2012. Currently there are more than 500 experts in Codeable’s freelancer pool and more than 75.000 projects have been successfully placed via the platform!

There you will find truly world-class experts for short-term, recurring and full-time work on and with WordPress!

The right freelancer for every application

Your hub of world-class experts for short-term, recurring, and full-time WordPress work.

Whether theme development and customization or plug-in development and customization: Suitable developers will customize the look of your website or develop a new website from scratch. With your own plugins you can extend the functionality of your website individually and according to the needs of your target group.

Online shops can also be created, or existing e-commerce websites can be improved. Unlike standard plugins, you can really implement completely customized solutions for your web presence. With custom APIs you can connect your website to almost any website and web application.

Of course the visual appearance doesn’t suffer at all, because there are also experienced designers who can make drafts and create beautiful designs for your website, page or application according to your specifications and then implement them.

Also in the area of security and speed you will find competent help to secure your website and make it fly! Even if you are looking for someone to quickly fix urgent bugs or fix bugs, Codeable is the right partner for you.

You will not be left alone

Codeable also supports you during the implementation and gives you security in project allocation through a secure escrow system. This means that payments are only released when a project has been marked by you as completed. There is a dedicated customer support team to help you every step of the way and if something goes wrong, Codeable has a very fair refund policy, so you will get your money back if you are not satisfied with the work.

In terms of price, it already starts at a low 70 dollars per hour!

Prices are $70-$120 USD per hour in total. The cost estimates are estimates and depend on the approximate number of hours required, the complexity and urgency of the job..

This is how it works:

Codeable brings you together with a suitable WordPress developer in less than a day:

  1. You tell Codeable what you need. You can tackle anything from small corrections to complete website projects.
  2. Codeable connects you with the right developers for your project, with whom you can chat and your requirements are 100% defined.
  3. You will then receive a quote and can hire your preferred developer and start working together.

WordPress Freelancer for agencies

If you run an agency yourself, Codeable allows you to handle more client projects on time, within budget and without problems. This allows you to increase your income and you no longer have to turn down projects or lose customers if your capacity or expertise is no longer sufficient!

Thanks to Codeable’s more than 500 highly qualified developers with a wide range of WordPress skills, you can quickly fill skill gaps in your team and even expand your product and service offerings.

Codeable pays close attention to customer satisfaction. That means you can convince your customers with exceptional work quality. Codeable’s approach ensures that you only work with the best possible experts who have been selected according to strict quality guidelines.

Nevertheless you remain mega flexible. You can quickly fill gaps or make urgent repairs on a customer project, as well as outsource a large long-term project that requires additional capacity. With Codeable you can hire experts for as long or as short a time as you need them!

Build with heart

Kristin Eitel

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