tutorial wpforms - Using WordPress Forms - Step by Step

Using WordPress Forms – Step by Step

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Introduction Most sites require data from users – names, addresses, etc. Users provide the data mostly through forms. There are many types of forms – Contact Forms, Payment Forms, Login Forms, even Feedback Forms. These forms store the data on a database. When needed the information may be retrieved, edited or deleted. Without forms, users would not be able to provide the easily. They may have to directly contact a… 

Creating, Deleting and Modifying WordPress Navigation Menus – Step by Step

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Introduction A typical WordPress site is made up of posts and pages. To access these, a user can enter their URL into a browser’s address bar and then hit ENTER. This make work if a site has little content. It wouldn’t be that difficult to remember all those addresses after all. But what happens when a site has a lot of content? It becomes tedious to keep track of the… 

phpMyAdmin WordPress Database Management – Step by Step

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Introduction All WordPress installations require a database. A database is a structured form of data that can be stored and retrieved. There are many kinds of databases -remote, NoSQL, and relational among others. Each kind has its own characteristics. Each kind has its own advantages and disadvantages. WordPress uses a relational database. In this type of database, data is stored into tables. These tables can be queried to retrieve data.… 

How To Install WordPress Plugins – Step by Step

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Introduction WordPress plugins extend the functionality of your WordPress sites. There are many types of plugins. There are some that help you build pages. While there are others that extend its functionality. Though optional, it is highly recommended to install plugins. This is true especially if a site does more than display standard content. Installing a WordPress plugin is not difficult. It is also very similar to installing WordPress themes;… 

How To Install WordPress Themes – Step by Step

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Introduction WordPress users can modify the appearance of their sites by using a WordPress theme. To use a theme, a user has to install a theme then activate it. Doing that isn’t difficult and isn’t time consuming. However, there are different ways to install a WordPress theme. In this tutorial, we will go through all of these methods. Method 1: Installing a WordPress Theme through WordPress’s Built-in Theme Search The… 

How To Install WordPress on Your Local Machine – Step by Step

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Introduction You want to install WordPress on your local machine to test themes, plugins or get familiar with WordPress without the need for a paid hosting, but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry. We’ll teach you how. In this article, we’ll be showing you how you can install WordPress on your own. Follow the article and do as it says. WordPress will be running on your machine in no… 

Tutorial: Create easily professional WordPress websites with Elementor Template Kits

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You want to build a professional website with WordPress, but it’s really hard from scratch and the fancy contents of the demo are not licensed? Then there is now the perfect solution for you! There is a reason why so many people use Page Builder for WordPress page creation. After all, even the most complex page layouts and functions can be implemented easily and without any programming effort. Elementor stands…