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newsletterplugin - The best newsletter plugins for WordPress

The best newsletter plugins for WordPress

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Here comes part 2 of the series “Email Marketing with WordPress”. So you’ve collected a lot of data of your potential customers with the e-mail lead generation plugins or at least you know how to get started? Very good, then it’s time to think about the next step. What do you plan to do with the leads, what do you offer them? The best thing is of course a newsletter.… 

Tutorial: CTR Boosting with FAQPage Snippets!

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You have probably already noticed that the search engine Google has introduced a new type of content. These are so-called FAQ pages, i.e. a list of questions and answers that you can mark up for Google using structured data within your website. The data type was presented at a Google event in Singapore in mid-2018 and was officially introduced in May 2019. My colleague Finn has solved this really cleverly… 

Case: 1st place in two days for ‘New York SEO’

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Through a few buddies I was made aware of a very, very cool action from the United States, which I would not like to withhold from you: Ruan M. Marinho, a US SEO has managed to get to the first page for the extremely competitive keyword ‘New York SEO’ within only two days and even managed to get on the top position and stay there! I just submitted a search… 

Automate newsletters in WordPress via RSS feeds

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Email newsletters are a fantastic means of drawing the attention of readers to new blog entries. Personally, I always find it hard to think about it in my daily business, or to take the time to write and send a newsletter. So I thought: Why not just automate the whole thing? Once set up, you can sit back and concentrate on your other work while your website visits skyrocket and… 

The Only Article on Growth Hacking You’ll Ever Need to Read

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Growth hacking is like sex in puberty and the Internet is the changing room after gym class. Almost everyone is an expert in the field and everyone claims to be doing it all the time, but the only ones who have really ever done it are not in the room right now. But while pubescent teenagers eventually grow up and (for most) normalize, the Internet is like Neverland, where at…