ZIP Code Rank Tracking Tool: Monitoring for Local Search Rankings

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100% accurate local keyword rank tracking for any location at the zip code level

Again and again I find in my seminars that not everyone knows, let alone uses, the best tools that I really enjoy working with on an almost daily basis. If you already know and use my tip this month, SE Ranking – wonderful! For everyone else: Here comes my SEO-Tool insider tip of the month!

Ranking monitoring of keywords in the local search

In my opinion, SE Ranking is the best tool for monitoring rankings in local search. Because there you can automatically monitor and analyze the position of a website AND the “Google My Business” entry for your own keywords!

You get a 100% accurate local keyword rank tracking for any location at the zip code level and this is broken down in Google as well as Yahoo or Bing and by mobile and desktop devices!

Just create a new project:

Afterwards you can create as many keyword groups as you like with the respective keywords and you are ready to go.

And now you can simply specify which location and language should be used for the respective search engine and whether Google Maps results, i.e. Local Search OneBoxes with My-Business entries, should be included in the evaluation.

Here you can even decide whether they should be counted separately from the organic rankings or only the best ranking should be counted.

You will receive an evaluation, depending on whether you want to track on a weekly, 3-day or daily basis. In case of weekly monitoring you can even choose the day of the week on which the ranking should be measured.

If the page is ranked in the Google-Local-Search-OneBox, you can see this by the additional superscript, smaller position number next to the Places marker.

I also find the archive function particularly successful, because for better analysis, especially with current changes, you can always view the search results page including all ranking websites and SERP features at crawl time! There you can also see which page title and description were displayed and if there were rich snippets or other special features in the results that explain certain anomalies.

For analysis freaks and data junkies there is much more to explore, so of course you can see the chronological development of the rankings by location, keyword group, website or device as well as the active SERP features on a keyword set, a visibility development and traffic estimation.

Conclusion and prices

All in all, I think SE Ranking is unbeatable for local search, because no other tool offers such features and certainly not at the incredibly low price!

Of course, the tool has many more features! The team is constantly developing new awesome tools, which are all included in the price. So SE Ranking is now an impressive SEO toolbox. From backlink monitoring and evaluation of link sources to keyword research and onpage analysis, it covers everything you need in your daily SEO work.

You can simply test SE Ranking for 14 days for free!
So what are you waiting for?

Kristin Eitel

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