new york seo serp 5 - Case: 1st place in two days for 'New York SEO'

Case: 1st place in two days for ‘New York SEO’

Through a few buddies I was made aware of a very, very cool action from the United States, which I would not like to withhold from you: Ruan M. Marinho, a US SEO has managed to get to the first page for the extremely competitive keyword ‘New York SEO’ within only two days and even managed to get on the top position and stay there!

I just submitted a search query via and I actually find the domain on position 1, as promised in the video:

new york seo serp 3 - Case: 1st place in two days for 'New York SEO'

Which video do you ask yourself? And how did he manage that?

From the very beginning: Ruan is a US SEO, whom I personally did not know at least before, but who was challenged by some of his critics on Facebook that he could never get to ‘New York SEO’ at number 1. So he came up with a very smart tactic and executed it perfectly:

  1. First he looked at the SERPs for the keyword. There was nothing special or brilliant, everything looked more like simple SEO spam powered by PBN links. So this should be feasible.
  2. He created a new page under his domain and used ‘New York SEO’ in the title and URL. Sure, Basic SEO. He wrote just 700 words. (Because there were only a maximum of 1.000 words on the most extensive page in the Top 10). In the video he talks a bit about keyword density, which I personally find funny. But basically, he says he didn’t overdo it with OnPage optimization, but just classic SEO.
  3. He bought links. Yes he bought links. If the top 10 all rank with bought links or shit links, you can at least try it… He started building Web 2.0 links, so profile links from Tumblr, WordPress, Medium and Co. not very smart, but of course everything hard on the New York SEO bottom to build a little trust.
  4. He bought Guest Posts via for about $100. These are usually bad PBN links or links from some Expired projects, I’ve used them for experiments and the Your Mobile SEO Contest.
  5. His site was ranked on page 3 at Google for the keyword ‘New York SEO’ – at least – for the fact that only a few shit links pointed to it…
  6. Then came the decisive clou: He published a video on YouTube with the title: ‘WTF! I Paid $500 For Backlinks On Fiverr For SEO Rankings [SHOCKING RESULTS]’. He claims that with only 9 purchased links from Fiverr he made it to the first page for the keyword ‘New York SEO’. The video was promoted on Facebook and had 35k views within a very short time.
  7. This video then led many of these viewers to search for ‘New York SEO’ to find his URL and clicked on it to see what he had done on page and backlink-checked the URL to see if it was linked.
  8. All those who didn’t find him directly on the front pages wanted to know of course and searched for ‘New York SEO Develomark’ and the like.
  9. Et voila – within two days he was firmly ranked on position 1 in Google!

Conclusion: If everyone is looking for you and clicks on your URL and then your page/brand is searched in combination with the search query, Google can’t help but assume that you are super popular and rank first! It compares the algorithm with the one used by YouTube. If you announce there: “I’m posting a video at 9am” and everyone goes there and watches or searches for it, there is an enormous push in searches on YouTube – and all this without classic SEO ranking factors like content or links. He calls this Google Rankbrain, which I would disagree with a bit, but the assumption is correct. So if you say about TV Ads: We wrote an article XY about it and everyone is looking for Brand + XY, then you can improve your organic ranking extremely well.

At the end of the video he goes on to say that in order to maintain his position in the long run, he links to the keyword at the end of the video by internal linking from all blog posts. He also reports that after a relatively short time at the top of the SERPs, there was a negative SEO attack, i.e. his competitors shot him with spam links. This he immediately disavowed and therefore so far no problem with the rankings.

Very very excellent case!

And here are the videos:

The first, to trigger the search queries:

The second, to explain everything:

Here its URL: (without linking, so please copy it out, otherwise it will be said later that he only ranks #1 because of all the links from the other SEOs)

You can also see at the bottom of the search results page in the similar search queries that Google has clearly linked the search query “new york seo” to “develomark”:

searches related to new york seo

The excellent example of hometogo in the USA shows that the whole thing can also be used professionally. They even manage to unobtrusively bring a whole set of search queries and behavioral patterns into the minds of the audience:


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