HyperSuggest 2 - Find wh-questions in HyperSuggest Pro

Find wh-questions in HyperSuggest Pro

You have probably heard of the wh-question tool before. Probably in connection with the creation of high-quality SEO texts, holistic landing pages or just good blog posts, online articles and guide texts for content marketing. AND RIGHTLY SO! BECAUSE: wh-question tools find interesting questions and aspects that real users actually search on Google for your keyword/term!

The exciting thing about it is that by answering the most relevant questions you can easily produce very good texts. Even in areas in which you are not yet familiar with the tool, you will find the questions that are most important to the searcher. As a starting point for research or an author briefing, the list created with this tool is ideal.

A wh-question tool is also the ideal tool to add the FAQPage scheme with a list of questions and answers (FAQ) to well-ranked websites and thus

Wh-question tool as a module in HyperSuggest Pro!

I recommend HyperSuggest Pro, because this tool is easy and comfortable to use in your browser. This means you don’t need to download and install any software on your PC or Mac! This means that the wh-questions in HyperSuggest Pro are available anytime and anywhere, regardless of the operating system!


In addition, HyperSuggest Pro offers numerous sorting and export options. The complete question list can be easily sorted by estimated search volume, filtered and copied to the clipboard with a single click, saved to Excel and many other formats. Get the best W questions in the latest version of HyperSuggest Pro!

Why should you invest 11,90 EUR per month?

There are a lot of free wh-question tools available, so why would you buy the tool for just under 12 EUR a month?

There are three very good reasons:

  • The wh-questions in HyperSuggest Pro provide more and better results than ALL free tools.
  • HyperSuggest Pro is under constant development and does not serve as a marketing tool. Hosting and development costs are incurred, which are refinanced by it.
  • With HyperSuggest Pro you get a lot more features and data sources besides the wh-question tool!

For whom is a wh-question tool suitable?

Results for "wasps"

I myself use HyperSuggest Pro for every keyword research, every content marketing campaign and for the creation of all texts, no matter if SEO text, guide content or blog post.

So anyone who wants to create really good content and answer all the needs and questions of their visitors satisfactorily should use the wh-questions to find out in advance what really interests the readers!

Unfortunately, the tool does not (yet) work in the smallest niches. If you type in “flower fertilizer”, for example, you won’t find so many exciting questions. But that’s simply because this term is rarely searched for and even less often concrete questions about it are entered in Google.

But: With more generic terms the tool usually finds hundreds of relevant questions!

From this list you can then pick out the most relevant questions and easily create an excellent author briefing to buy the text, or simply write it yourself.

What is the potential search volume with HyperSuggest Pro?

With HyperSuggest Pro, each question is assigned an indicator of the potential search volume of the respective search term. This indicator is ideal for estimating the monthly searches for the respective keyword. The data could also be taken from the Google Keyword Planner, but these values are not reliable and one does not get data for rare searches anyway. Unfortunately, it does not make sense for Google to output data for longer, rare search phrases, because in the Google Ads System you should book as many of them as possible on the same, short terms to drive the bids up.

One thing is for sure: Weighting the questions according to search volume makes little sense in my opinion, because you should decide for yourself which questions are relevant for your target group and answer them. A single page per question is usually much too short, so I like to bundle the answers to several questions on longer pages. In addition, a good page that answers many questions usually ranks to various differently formulated questions, which all in all result in a decent search volume, and here supposed search volume data would be rather counterproductive in a selection of questions.


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