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How to Install Elementor Pro

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In this tutorial, we will be learning how to install Elementor Pro. Like the installation of any other WordPress plugin, it follows these steps.


Download and Install the Basic Version of Elementor

We first look for the Elementor plugin in the plugin repository. Once you find it click on Install Now. Once the installation is done.

search elementor

Once that is done, click Activate. This will activate the plugin. From there you can already use and install the Elementor plugin.

click activate

Download and Install Elementor Pro

To download and install Elementor Pro you first need to purchase the plugin.


Once that is done, login to Elementor with your account.


Once logged in, click Subscriptions. There you will see the subscriptions you have purchased.


Click Download ZIP. to download the plugin archive.

click download ZIP

Once that is done, go to the WordPress admin dashboard.

add new plugins

Upload the Elementor Pro plugin as seen in the image below.

upload the plugin

Once it has been uploaded, click Activate Plugin.

activate plugin

Next go to the admin dashboard and click the Connect & Activate button.

click connect & activate

This will redirect you to the Elementor website. There you will have to click the Activate button.

Elementor website: Connect & Activate Your License

Once that is done, you can now use Elementor Pro


You now know how to install Elementor Pro. Thank You for reading our article!

Kristin Eitel

Kristin Eitel