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The 25 best Shopify Themes

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How an online store looks like and how user-friendly it is is one of the factors that determine its success. Therefore, choosing the right ecommerce theme in Shopify is immensely important for the conversion rate and the usability of the store. Therefore we present here the 25 best Shopify Themes from our point of view, from all-rounders to themes for different industries and free variants.

If you are looking for a Shopify theme for the first time, you probably feel overwhelmed. After all, there are more than 1000 templates on Themeforest and they all look great at first glance. We make things easier for you. Here are 25 beautiful and user-friendly Shopify themes. We’ll also give you tips for choosing.

How to find the best Shopify theme for your needs

Keep two things in mind when searching for your e-commerce theme:

  1. Many functions alone do not make a good theme. After all, what good are 100 great templates if your store is slow or something is constantly malfunctioning?
  2. At first glance (almost) every template looks good. You only know if it works for your store if you take a closer look. Look at all layouts in detail, including product and category pages and the checkout and don’t just rely on the start page looking good.

This makes it even more important to use features like demos and previews. If you buy an ecommerce theme from the official Shopify store, you can install it on a trial basis and try it out with your products. On other platforms, check out the reviews from buyers. Pay special attention to what they say about support. By the way, on platforms like Themeforest, you can always return a theme if you’re unhappy with it!

Also ask yourself the question “What do I really need? For a smoothly running online store less is sometimes more! Especially important for stores are the following templates and layouts:

  • homepage
  • Product pages
  • Collection Pages
  • shopping cart
  • Blog (if you need one)

When designing your homepage, most store themes leave you a lot of freedom. The situation is different with the product pages. Here you are more dependent on what your Shopify theme “brings”.

Possibilities for individual adaptation

You have chosen a theme, but can’t customize it the way you want?

Then you have 3 options:

  1. Often you can find an app that allows you to upgrade the theme. The disadvantage: This causes monthly costs.
  2. Professional Web designers who are familiar with Shopify can do almost anything. However, it also costs money, and in any case it is more expensive than the theme itself.
  3. You integrate a Page Builder app. This is cheaper than a web designer and allows you to design pages using a modular principle – without any knowledge of HTML and CSS. But be careful: Page builders also differ in what they can do.

The 25 best Shopify Themes

In the following I have searched the internet, browsed toplists, rummaged through the Shopify Theme directory and compiled the 25 best Shopify Themes for you:

Multifunctional Themes

Many Shopify themes are allrounders. That means they are suitable for online stores in various industries. They often come with different templates. With such a generic e-commerce theme you are very flexible.

1. Porto

Porto Website
different demos

The Shopify Theme Porto has been a best-seller for years, with more than 45,000 users claiming to use it. It scores with a wide range of features, speed and flexibility. Retina-ready is the theme as well. So your product images look razor sharp on a retina display. Postage is also available for WordPress, if you prefer to build your store with WooCommerce!

2. Multifly

Multipurpose shopify theme with sections

The Multifly theme is also aimed at store owners from various industries. Whoever runs a store in the field of fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, wholesale, electronics, tools, or fishing, can look forward to beautiful templates in a modern, tidy design. In addition, everything is on board that is necessary to set up a successful store, from the contact form to the catalog to the product carousel. The easy-to-use Visual Builder makes it easy to adapt pages to your own ideas.

3. KarDone

KADONE Website
differents demos

Some ecommerce themes become more and more powerful through updates. So also KarDone. The current version of the popular Shopify template comes with 8 “ready-to-use stores” as well as a chat function, is retina-ready and easy to use despite its wide range of functions.

4. Basel

Basel Website
different demos

Minimalism is the trend. A good reason to take a look at the Shopify template “Basel“. Because it is aimed at all those who dream of a tidy store with a modern look. One of the interesting features that not every competitor offers is the ability to present products in 360-degree mode.

5. Barberry

Barberry at different devices

Speaking of minimalism: Barberry is also very good at it. The theme with the sonorous name looks especially nice on mobile devices. A really stylish e-commerce theme with reduced layouts and therefore perfectly suited for fashion, furniture and technology stores.

6. Elessi

Elessi Website
different demos

Elessi is well suited for online stores in the fashion sector or related industries. Retina-ready, compatible with Oberlo and with many well thought-out features for the presentation and selection of products.

7. Palo Alto

Palo Alto Website
different demos

You don’t just want to present product images to your customers, but you also have stories to tell? Palo Alto is ideal for (visual) storytelling. It is especially aimed at medium-sized online stores and all those who work with large images. An eye-catcher.

8. Fastest


This Shopify theme is completely geared towards efficiency. It remains to be seen whether the promise made by the name Fastest can be kept. In any case, there is an upsell and cross-sell feature and many ways to optimize product pages.

9. Lezada

Lezada Website
different demos

In contrast to Fastest, the Shopify theme Lezada (don’t confuse it with Lesara) presents itself discreetly, at least at first glance. But it comes with more than 200 different homepage templates. Also otherwise it opens many possibilities to create a modern, stylish store in a short time.

10. Wookie

wokiee - Multipurpose Premium Shopify Theme
different demos

According to envato Tuts, Wookiee is the best E-Commerce Template. The main reasons for this are the many customization possibilities that the Shopify Theme offers. On the other hand Wokiee scores with well-done video tutorials. Thanks to the numerous integrated apps, buyers save a lot of money.

11. Gecko

Gecko website
different demos

Gecko is also at the forefront in terms of buyer ratings and recommendations. With a constantly growing number of modern homepage templates for various businesses, detailed instructions, integrated plugins and a well thought-out design. With this you can do little wrong.

12. Fastor

Fastor website
different demos

Fastor offers a lot for little money – including a number of useful apps, a 360-degree display of products and 82 templates. The options for customizing product pages are also a positive feature.

13. Emerge

Emerge website
different demos

Emerge is completely up to date. With its tasteful, minimalist design, it is suitable for a wide variety of stores and makes an impression. A theme for hipsters and those who want to be.

14. Foxic

foxic website
different demos

Foxic is a good choice to present many products already on the homepage, and is especially designed for shopping on the smartphone. With many customization options and user-friendly.

15. XStore

XStore website
different demos

In Envato Market this theme is one of the rising stars. This is certainly mainly due to the impressive price-performance ratio. With the XStore Theme you get over 80 good-looking templates as well as a number of valuable apps and features for little money. The user-friendliness makes sure that more is actually more here.

16. Avone

AVONE Website

Looking for a Shopify theme that gives you maximum freedom to make changes and customizations? With Avone, you can put almost any idea into practice without learning programming skills.

Shopify themes for specific industries

But do you prefer a specialist? For example for fashion, electronic gadgets or furniture? Then take a look at these Shopify themes:

17. Shopy Fashion

Shopy Website

If you want to open an online store for fashion or something similar, it’s worth taking a look at this theme. Shopy Fashion is clearly designed, with all important features on board and easy to install.

18. electro

electro website
different demos

As the name suggests, electro is aimed at electronics stores and thus at stores that want to present many devices or gadgets in a clearly arranged way. The theme supports among other things 3D product images and gives laymen many possibilities to design pages according to their ideas – not only the homepage.

19. SpareParts


The same is true for the SpareParts theme. Here too, the focus is on stores that want to present and sell many (small) products. Spare parts for example. Sober and efficient.

20. Garden Furniture


You want it fast and uncomplicated? You also sell furniture, garden tools or similar? With Garden Furniture you have a store in no time at all that is worth seeing.

21. Foodly

Foodly website
different demos

According to Envato himself, this theme is the first choice for all stores specializing in food and beverages. In fact, “Foodly” captivates at first glance with a clear, user-friendly design and extras that are specially tailored to its target group, for example templates for nutritional information. The support, however, does not only get top marks.

22. Extreme

extreme website

At first glance, the Shopify Extreme theme is aimed at online stores in the sports segment. But it is also ideal for other industries, especially fashion stores. Without additional plug-ins, it’s a well-rounded product, well thought-out and without annoying bugs.

Free Shopify Themes

It also works without money. If you don’t want to spend anything on your new Shopify theme, you’ll have to cut back. With one of the following themes he is nevertheless well served.

23. Minimal Vintage

minimal vintage website

Minimal Vintage is just that: minimalist and vintage. For retro fans who do not expect too much. Very easy to put on and with its own charm. Only the mobile view sometimes leaves something to be desired.

24. Boundless

Boundless website

This Shopify theme is ideal for all those who want to present individual products in a big way. However, there are one or two hooks, for example, if a product is available in many different variations. So read the user experience of Boundless well.

25. Fashe

fashe website

Finally a real highlight. Fashe was originally designed as a premium theme of ColorLib. But currently the Shopify-Theme is available for free! But it can still easily keep up with many paid versions. It is also available in HTML for other platforms.

Take your time for the choice

Ideally, a Shopify theme will accompany you for many years. This makes it all the more important to take your time when choosing. Compare several themes, look at all layouts and templates of the live demo. Chances are that you will find an e-commerce theme that you will enjoy from the very first try.

Kristin Eitel

Kristin Eitel