test - What do marketing and drug trials have in common?

What do marketing and drug trials have in common?

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I recently read a research paper entitled Bayesian Statistics and the Efficiency and Ethics of Clinical Trials. While mostly technical, it asks a few important questions about clinical drug trials that are interesting to think about but which also have a direct link to marketing and website experimentation. Let me explain: Clinical trials are experiments that are done during clinical research; such as pharmaceutical drug research. When a company has… 

The Simplest Guide to Writing Better Post Titles

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Writing compelling post titles can be challenging and time consuming. But if you don’t put the necessary time and energy into it, you could be blowing your biggest chance to pull additional readers to your article. There are a lot of copywriting strategies out there that can be more or less effective in reducing the time and stress involved with writing. In this guide I will lay out the one fool-proof strategy… 

Copy Anxiety: the hesitancy you feel before you click publish

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Do you have copy anxiety? Copy Anxiety is the feeling the comes when you are about to publish a version of your new sales website or when you are about to send out a new email to your newsletter list and you pause… ‘What if this isn’t good enough?’, you say to yourself. ‘What if it’s boring and my audience doesn’t care?’ You steady yourself and with a trembling finger,…