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How To Remove The WordPress Sidebar


The WordPress sidebar is one of the most integral parts of your WordPress site. It contains widgets that point to different parts of your website. However, you may find the need to hide it for design or user experience purposes.

Deleting the sidebar is usually done by modifying code on your current theme’s PHP files. However, we don’t recommend this, since it can break your site. Instead, we recommend using a plugin – the Widgets Disable plugin. A really simple and easy to use plugin. It allows you to remove the widgets that make up your sidebar and even the whole sidebar itself.

With that, let’s begin.

Removing the WordPress Sidebar with the Widget Disable Plugin

To remove the Sidebar on your WordPress site, you only need to install and activate the Disable Widgets plugin from the Add Plugins page of the Admin Dashboard. Once you find the plugin, install it then activate.

install and activate widget disable

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, hover over Appearance then click on Disable Widgets.


This will redirect you to the Disable Sidebar and Dashboard Widgets page. Once there click on the checkboxes that make up your sidebar. Clicking all the appropriate boxes will completely hide the sidebar. In our example below, the sidebar is only composed of the Recent Posts contents.

Click on the checkboxes

So we’re going to check the corresponding box then save the changes.

Choose "Resent Posts" and Save.

And this is how our WordPress site will now look like.


You may however notice, that the though the Recent Posts has been hidden, the Recent Comments has taken its place in the sidebar. So we’ll go to the Disable Sidebar and Dashboard Widgets again, then click on the corresponding checkbox, then save our changes.

recent comments

This is what it should look like now.

Look at the post


That’s the end of our tutorial. Now you know what you need to do to hide the sidebar.


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