Measuring Uptime and Detecting Downtime: Be aware even when you’re actually not!

When deciding to use tools for your site, whatever they may be, they come with some sort of excitement and “hype”. What you may not understand is that the tools that don’t cause quite the excitement, may be the most important. This one can save your reputation and keep you from losing money. Does this get you excited yet? So… here is my tip to ALWAYS STAYING ON TOP OF IT.

Measuring Uptime and Detecting Downtime: Be aware even when you’re actually not!

In my opinion, Monitive is the best uptime monitoring tool there is. It offers the best and most well rounded service for monitoring your site and detecting when it’s experiencing downtime. It’s easy to sign up and comes with features that I didn’t even know I actually needed…..and its sleek dashboard is simple to use.

To sign up all you need is your website URL, first name, email, and phone number. THAT’S IT. You can even get one monitor free FOREVER. If you need more and want to upgrade to Pro, you can start a 15 day trial without entering your credit card info.

Choose how big your need is based on the size of your business and traffic. With different plans, you can choose how much coverage you need but starting with a Pro trial is probably the best way to start.

When you get to your personal dashboard, you will be able to see how your chosen monitors are performing. Instead of cluttering everything up with different metrics on one page, each chosen feature has its own designated tab and you can turn them on, and off, whenever you want. I personally like to keep it simple, but you can make it as technical as you’d like.

While it’s designed to be a simple tool for non-techies, Monitive also has all the features that a tech junkie can ask for. Some of my favorite ones are the phone call alerts, keyword monitoring, the team management and the custom locations. LET ME EXPLAIN WHY.

  1. Phone call alerts allow me to reduce stress that I might have missed an important notification about my website. Whenever my site is down for more than 10 minutes, I get an automated phone call alert from Monitive letting me know that something serious is happening with my website. It’s THAT simple!
  2. Keyword Monitoring makes sure that my page not only works, but it also shows my content. So that traffic is properly being driven to my page. This way even if something gets scrambled on my website, I still get notified. If you’re spending money on PPC and your website isn’t working, you are immediately losing money.
  3. Team management helps me and my team all stay connected. I can add them to my account so that, even if I’m not there, someone on my team has my back. 
  4. Custom Locations is useful if you have users in specific locations across the globe. You can choose which locations your website is monitored from, just like a personal butler so checks your house every minute and calls you if something’s not right.

There are so many ways to stay connected on Monitive to make sure the alerts reach you wherever you are. You can choose to be alerted on your favourite channel that you already are using,  like Email, Slack, SMS, and more. 

Another important feature that adds transparency and builds trust with your userbase is a public Status Page. List your main system on your very own status page, link it to the footer of your website, which will reduce support tickets when you run into issues, as your visitors can already see that you’re in the middle of something and you’re aware of it.

With all this information, Monitive gives you a sleek all-in-one report every Monday and the 1st of each month. Obviously, you can customize your reports any way you like. These reports can be for any amount of time and for any of your monitors.

With Monitive there is so much to explore. You can choose how many features you want, or keep it simple. It’s completely up to you! I find Monitive to be especially versatile and stackable with all of its integrations. If you don’t feel like staying attached to your monitor at all times, Monitive is there to save your reputation with your customers and simply keep money in your pockets.

Dan Weezer

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